New Year, same you!


Happy New Year!!

Yes i know it’s a bit late but better than nothing!

I just wanted to talk about New Years resolutions today, and i want to say that they suck. So much. Let’s be honest who actually completes their New Years resolutions? NO ONE.

Honestly if you’re going to change something about yourself why do you have to wait until January 1st? You’re basically wasting a whole year saying “oh, but i’ll do it next year” FORGET NEXT YEAR. DO IT NOW!

And don’t set unrealistic resolutions that you know you won’t complete just try simple things like drink more water, call your friends and family instead of texting or watch more sneezing animal videos! (which are hilarious by the way).

But most of all try to be happy with you as you are, and i know that this is one of the hardest resolutions there is (and believe me, I KNOW). But if there is something you don’t like about yourself then change it because you’re the only one who can.

So have a happy 2016 and let me know what your REALISTIC resolutions are in the comments below!

Love Jags xoxo



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