New Beginnings


So last year in February I moved to a new school with no one from my previous one and I can tell you that it was absolutely terrifying.

I didn’t know if anyone would like me or if i would get any friends or if i would have any fun memories to look over at the end of the year. I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone and it ended up being one of my biggest fears, monophobia.

It was a very difficult time for me as i was (and still am) quite a shy person and i had never moved to anywhere new before. I had been in the same school for all my life.

But i soon found that finding friends is one of the easiest things that comes with moving.

Keeping them is the real issue.

I moved from group to group, from one friend to the next until i had no one left to go to. This was the worst time for me.

I didn’t fit into anyone’s group, no one’s standards and i was left sitting by myself in French for 2 terms. I tried rejoining groups but i found myself sitting there bored with conversations or being pushed out of the circle.

So i gave up (which by the way is one of the worst possible things to do, NEVER GIVE UP!). Now this bit is going to sound really sad but it’s true. I was left with no one and i was too embarrassed to sit by myself in the hallways or read in the library for an hour so i hid in the bathrooms for lunchtimes.

I couldn’t believe that this was what i had resorted to and i was too scared to tell anyone, afraid that they would laugh at me or treat me like i was weird.

Just as i was starting to feel abandoned, lost and trapped. Someone saved me who i couldn’t give enough thanks to show how she saved me. (I’m going to call her Ash). She became my best friend and helped me grow my confidence, branch out and talk to people.

I ended up laughing and breaking rules with 2 fabulous new friends in French, expanding Ash and I’s friendship, joining 3 other girls in my new friendship group. I love these 4 girls to death and I couldn’t have asked for better friends.

The point of this post is just to help any of you who are moving someplace new if it’s a school, town or workplace. Just know that even if things look bad and they will never get better there will be light at the other end of the tunnel.

Will be back tomorrow with another post!

Love Jags xoxo


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