Friend Troubles


So today one of my friends was really upset, let’s call her Anna.

She came and sat down with the rest of my friends at lunch time and I gave her a smile. She didn’t return it, she just looked away from me and sat in silence for the rest of the lunchtime.

Anna is one of the sweetest, friendliest people i know and for her not to return a smile and not say a single word is very strange.

So I consulted my friend Ash and she said she would talk to Anna during the next period.

After that lesson I met Ash at her locker and she told me that Anna was feeling left out, that she didn’t belong in our group.

I understand how that feels because for most of my primary school life and last year I felt like a loser, left out of everything with only one person who I could talk to anything about. My best friend, Sara. (We’ll talk more about her later).

When we first asked Anna what was wrong she wouldn’t tell us, she said that we didn’t want to hear and it wouldn’t help. But she was wrong. Doing nothing wouldn’t help but telling us could solve the problem.

So I tried to include more in conversations but she kept pushing us away. I told Ash this and we agreed that if she had told us in the first place instead of being so moody then we could have resolved it easier.

My point in this post is that sometimes, even if things are hard for you you have to try to resolve things rather than let them sit there un-noticed. You have to take think of other people and if they could help or if they could have worse problems than something that could be solved with a simple comment.

Hopefully she will get over it and move on by the next couple of days with our help.

Have any of you had experiences like this? How did you deal with them?


Love Jags xoxo









8 thoughts on “Friend Troubles

  1. I know how this feels too- she should have told you and your friends, but I think she may have been afraid that you would have been offended. Just try and include her a bit more like you were, and after a while, she will see that your just trying to help and she would be silly to refuse it, seeing as your helping her with what is making her sad. šŸ™‚ -Tash

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