Happy Nights


Okay so I started writing this post last night but ended up accidentally falling asleep and waking up to a lot of random letters typed onto this page.

I had the best night in a long time last night, I was truly happy. Which I haven’t felt in so long. And it upsets me that I have to blog about being happy to remember it, it’s not something that should be so rare to me that I should have to write it down. But it is.

So last night my mum, sister and I went to a festival in the city I live in where they put up all these food stalls and light up all these buildings with patterns and pictures, anyway it’s really cool. I won’t say what it is because that would definitely give away where I live.

We all bought noodles and got ice cream afterwards and I just loved the atmosphere we were in. We were walking around, looking at the buildings and just chatting about random things and everyone around was doing the same, engulfed in the moving pictures projected onto the buildings, laughing as their friend falls over a sign (which actually happened) and taking beautiful pictures of the lanterns and lights. I would love to share some photos I took but again, that would give away where it was.

Afterwards on the way home we put on an Ed Sheeran cd and started singing all together and I was really happy. Most people will probably be thinking ‘being happy isn’t that amazing, people are happy everyday’ but for me it’s different. It’s so rare for me to be truly happy and to be truly smiling not just faking it.

I just wanted to blog about this because it was a night I want to remember forever.

I’ll be posting again later today or tomorrow so watch out for that post!

Love Jags xoxo


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