A Little Update

Hey guys!

I’ve made myself a comfy corner in my room. I just took a bunch of blankets and pillows out of my cupboard and threw them into a corner in my room. It’s actually really nice. Especially with my fairy lights, book and of course my blog and you people to keep me company!

Some bad news:

I fell over a few days ago. So I was going for a run and I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and on the road to my house it’s not like tar or whatever you call it, it’s made of this weird gravel stuff cause we live in the middle of no where. Anyway I was running there and there are these big bits of rock in the gravel stuff and my foot got caught on one of those so I had that slow motion moment where I was like ‘shit, i’m about to fall. I can’t even stop myself. There’s the ground. It’s getting closer. This isn’t good. And I’ve hit the ground. Ow’.

So yeah, it was painful. My description to my friends of what it looked like was ‘it was like I had been clawed by a dinosaur’. Literally though it did! I had blood running down both my legs and from my hand and when we cleaned it a bit it was these deep scratches like claw marks. Anyway I went to the doctor and they were all like ‘yeah you’ll be fine. Oh there’s a bit of rock in there we’ll just grab some tweezers and pull it out without warning you’. Fun. So now I have to walk around for a week with giant band aids on me.

And some good news!:

I’m now on a two week holiday! Finally I won’t have to worry about homework and assignments and orals.

How have you guys been?

I was thinking of maybe doing one of those 50 Things About Me posts. Maybe I’ll just do 20 Things About Me because I don’t think I’m interesting enough to list 50 things. Let me know what you think.

I don’t have much to say today really, life’s a bit of a bore but also a bit chaotic right now. I guess this was just a sort of update post. But i’ll get back to you guys with some better posts in the future. And expect way more from me as I’ll have a LOT of spare time on my hands. Too much than necessary. So you’ll probably be blessed with my presence far more for the next two weeks. Enjoy!

Love always

Jags xxx



3 thoughts on “A Little Update

    • Haha, thank you but i’m really not! I’m surprised I still have friends, they must get so bored listening to me! Thanks, hopefully i’ll have stopped moaning to my parents by next week.
      I don’t think I would have lasted another week at school! And I still have 3 terms to go, ugh.
      I hope you’re well! 🙂 ❤

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