25 Things About Me

Hey guys!

I talked about doing this in my last post and i’ve got nothing better to do, so why not!

Favourite colour? 

Mint green (very Tumblr, I know)

Favourite subject?

English. I really enjoy creative writing, and apparently i’m good at it too, so English is very enjoyable for me.

Favourite food?

My favourite snack food is popcorn (healthy right?) and my favourite cuisine is Asian. My favourite dinner sort of food is pasta though. Can never get enough pasta.

Favourite place?

Either the beach or forests. They’re both very quiet and calm places, I just love the feel of them. It’s nice to be alone or with someone you love in these beautfiul places where you feel safe and happy.

Eye colour?


Hair colour?

Blonde. Although it’s getting darker so it’s more like gold/light brown. Gotta say, it’s not the prettiest.

Favourite movie?

Titanic. I LOVE sad movies, if it makes me cry then it’s a good movie and Titanic never fails.

Favourite song?

At the moment it’s probably Youth or Fools by Troye Sivan on the album Blue Neighborhood.

Favourite book?

Ahhh, this is a tough one. In case you didn’t know i’m a GIANT book nerd. Me and Ash spend a lot of time in the library at school recommending books to each other, it’s sad. Anyway my favourite right now is probably still All The Bright Places but Too Close To Home is a very close second. I’m reading The Fifth Wave right now and it’s really good so far so the answer to this question may change very soon…

Favourite band?

One direction. So typical. But seeing as they’re taking a break i’ll say 5 Seconds Of Summer (who i’m seeing at the end of the year YAY).

Favourite holiday?

CHRISTMAS. No doubt. Christmas is the best holiday ever,it’s what I look foward to from the start of January.

The reason I started a blog?

I wanted a place to share my thoughts and get them out of me. I’ve said before that I hate talking to people about my problems so this blog is a good place to share these things, I know I won’t get judged (well, hopefully) and I don’t have to be embarrassed, because, well you don’t actually know me in real life.

Favourite singer?

ED SHEERAN. That’s all I need to say.

Last book I read?

Girl Online On Tour. It was really good and I featured it in my March favourites, so if you want to read it then go have a look at that post! I definitely recommend it. YOU CAN SEE THAT POST HERE #selfpromo

What does your last text message say?

It was to a group message with Kay and Ash. We were talking about holidays and what we were doing.

Ash: I just found out my holidays are going to largely consist of looking after my little brother. Great.

Kay: [crying sad face]

Me: That sucks, good luck with the devil child.

Ash: Yup, hopefully I don’t murder him.

Last movie I watched?

I don’t actually remember but I’m halfway through watching Kiki’s Delivery Service which is an anime about a little girl who’s a witch who leaves home and starts a delivery service while she lives with this woman who’s pregnant and owns a bakery. That’s all i’ve gotten so far but it’s really good! You should all go watch it. (I just re-read this while editing and realized how weird it sounds. Witch, bakery, pregnant lady, delivery service [oh and there’s a talking cat too]. But trust me it’s really good!)

How many siblings do I have?

I have a sister who is 19 and a half sister who turned 30 last December.

Perfect pizza topping?

Cheese (obviously), salami, ham and pineapple. YUM. I want pizza now…

Last time I cried?

I would say the last time I actually cried but it’s really depressing and this is meant to be a more happy silly post so I’ll just say when I got clawed by a dinosaur (reference to last post). AND YOU CAN SEE THAT POST HERE #moreselfpromo

Biggest fear?

Again really depressing but it’s judgement. If we’re going to be silly then bugs, EW. I freaking hate them. They’re just so creepy and gross and edhjfhvkdnhgyvftcghbnjuihgytr. Sorry just vomited all over my keyboard.

What colour underwear am I wearing? (I got these questions off google, don’t judge my choices)


What I find attractive in other people?

If someone has pretty eyes…UGH. It’s just so niiiiice. And if they have a nice smile ahhhh, can’t even. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON CHEEKBONES.

Best friend(s)?

Definitely Kay and Ash, they truly are great. I used to say my friend Sara (who i’ve mentioned before) was my best friend but we haven’t talked in ages which sucks but I think we’re still friends. She kind of just randomly stopped talking to me.

Best online friend(s)?

Penny from My Life Anonymously. She is amazing, whenever I have problems I go straight to her and she always knows what to say. Sometimes I feel closer to her than I do with my friends in real life, I can be completely honest with her. I think this is because we’ve never met and we don’t have anything to do with each others lives that we don’t share online so we have nothing to lose really. It’s crazy that I can be so close with someone on the other side of the world. I never thought I would make such a could friend out of blogging. If you haven’t seen her blog already then you 100% should, her blog is great and I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do.

You can check out her blog here.

Biggest talent?

Apparently i’m really good at drawing. I personally don’t think i’m that good but a lot of people have told me i’m quite good. If you guys want I can share some of my drawings with you. Let me know if you would like that!

Well that’s the end of this post, I hope you all enjoyed! If you want, I can do another one of these if you liked it and if you would then leave some questions in the comments and i’ll use those and some more crap google ones!

Love always

Jags xxx


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