The Happiness Tag

Hey guys!

So I was nominated to do this tag by Bella from Whimsical Rambles who is one of my fabulous readers! I’m excited to do this tag, it’s really cute and I loved reading Bella’s. And thanks so much for nominating me!

List 5 things that make you happy:

  1. Friends – No matter where we are or which friends i’m with, my friends always manage to make me very happy. I have so many laughs and inside jokes with them, nothing makes me happier.
  2. Youtube – This sounds kind of stupid but when I see a new video from one of my favourite Youtubers it instantly puts a smile on my face. Especially when it’s a funny video the whole way through and I can’t stop smiling.
  3. My blog! – Seriously, whenever I go through comments and reply to all the nice things you guys say it makes me so happy. To see that there are really people out there who enjoy reading some random stuff I wrote down at 12 in the middle of night is just crazy to me. Even when I’m writing blog posts I get excited about seeing what you guys think of it.
  4. Books – There’s nothing better than buying a new book and just sitting down to read it. For me if i’m really excited to read a new book I always turn on my fairy lights and light a candle just to set the mood.
  5. Night time – I don’t know what it is about night time but it always makes me happy, especially driving in the car or being outside. I love the stars and the moon, it’s just such a nice atmosphere to be in.


List 5 songs that make you happy:

This took me a long time to do, I scrolled through all the music on my phone for like half an hour think ‘I like that song, oh but that ones good as well, oh I really like that one’ WHY DID THIS HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT.

  1. Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran) – Whenever this song comes on I get SUPER excited. Even though it’s really sad, I’m always so happy when it comes on. Ed Sheeran knows how to do it.
  2. You Are In Love (Taylor Swift) – AHHH THE FEELS. This song is so cute and I love it to bits! I just realized how much pop music I listen to and I’m actually disappointed in myself.
  3. Imagination (Shawn Mendes) – Again, a really cute song. It’s one of those songs where you just want to sing really loudly and dance around your bedroom crazily.
  4. Youth (Troye Sivan) – This song is really uplifting and it gives such a happy image in your mind. It makes me think of when my friends and I went to the beach together and the whole way there and back in the car we had music blasting out the radio and we were singing at the top of our lungs.
  5. I Want To Write You A Song (One Direction) – And for the third time, SO CUTE. I’m sorry, i’m such a stereotypical fan girl.


Nominate 5 people to do this tag:

Penny from My Life Anonymously

Alex from Happy Alex

Just A Blank Space from Blog Filled With Thoughts

I don’t have enough friends so we’ll just go with these guys. Also anyone else who wants to do this tag, go ahead!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and you’re all well! By the way i’m going away to my nan’s house on Tuesday so I won’t be able to post until Sunday when I get back 😢.


Love always

Jags xxx



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