Hey guys!

First of all you may have noticed the change of theme on my blog and that’s because I just get really bored when something is the same for ages so I decided to change it! I hope you guys like it because I really do.

Anyway today i’m just going to be chatting to you guys again!

I was asked the other day by a friend, if I could bring anyone back to life who would it be? I have no relatives that were close to me who have passed away except for my Pop who died from lung cancer when I was a baby. I would love to meet him though, i’ve been told that he was so funny and we would have got on really well and it would be a dream come true to finally meet him. But putting family aside I honestly have no idea who I would want to come back to life. Maybe a famous artist like Monet, I love his art works and as an aspiring artist (and not a very good one) it would be super cool to meet him and see how he did his work. I would maybe bring back some famous historical figures, I don’t really know who but anyone would be interesting to me.

Who would you bring back from the dead?

A reoccurring conversation that I have with friends and family is what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. I had this great idea with my friend that we would go to the nearest amusement park with all our supplies and stuff then climb a ferris wheel and go to the very top carriage. It’s literally genius. If anyone tried to come up you could shoot them with a gun (presuming you brought one) or with something else and no zombies would be able to get you. If you needed more supplies then you could climb down at like midnight then go get them.

I had another idea with my cousin that you could go to an airport and hide in a leftover airplane. You could lock the doors and if you wanted to, try figure out how to fly the thing so you could get outta there. Sometimes I actually wish there was a zombie apocalypse, I think it would be kind of fun. Terrifying, but fun and then I could test out all my ideas and see if they would work. I must be stupid for actually WANTING  a zombie apocalypse to happen and i’d probably die within like a month so what am I even saying.

Do you ever get songs stuck in your head for a really long time? Well, for some strange reason I’ve had that Star Wars song stuck in my head for like 3 days. AND IT WON’T GO AWAY. It’s kind of like torture, just hearing it play over and over again. UGH. Pray for me.

This also kind of doesn’t make sense because i’ve only ever watched half of the first Star Wars movie. Personally I don’t think they’re that great but y’know. People can have their own opinions.

I feel like we need a name for these sort of chatty posts because this is my 2nd one and I definitely plan on doing more of them. Hmm… Maybe Jags Chats or Jats. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful? I kind of like Jags Chats. Let me know what you think!

So I’ll end this chat here, it wasn’t very long but I haven’t been feeling all too well lately so i’m just doing a short one today. Hope you enjoyed!

Love always

Jags xxx




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