I’m writing this from the road out the front of my house. I live in a rural area, basically in the middle of no where so I find it lovely just to go for runs or walks outside.

I just went for a ten minute run, I’ve forgotten how nice it is to just be alone and listen to the rhythm of my breathing. I haven’t gone for a run in at least 2 weeks and I didn’t even realize how much I missed it and how much stress and anxiety I was bottling up because of it.

The sun is setting now, I’m enveloped in the shadow of dusk. I’m sheltering from the rain under a tree, although I did get a bit wet beforehand. I honestly don’t care though. I could sit against this tree, looking out at the fields and plants and mountains for hours on end.

The sheep are looking at me strangely. I wonder what they see. If they see a girl in running pants and messy blonde hair or if they just see a strange, skin coloured lump sitting against a tree.

I’m almost in complete darkness now, I guess I should go back up to my house before my parents start worrying and calling for me in between their arguments.

But it’s so beautiful to hear nothing but the wind, my own breath and the crunching of leaves under my feet when I move. I wish I could stay out here forever.

I’ll have to be sure to go for another run on Sunday, not tomorrow as I have a netball game and I get so tired from those but I must come for a long one on Sunday.

Remember kids: exercise is important and it makes you happy, at least it does for me.

Love always

Jags xxx


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