April Favourites!

Hey guys!

This year is going so quickly! I can’t believe that it’s already May. But let’s just get right into last months favourites!


First off I have The Fifth Wave book. I watched the movie when it came out with my friends and I really liked it, when I found it was a book I immediately went and bought it. It was a really enjoyable book, great for anyone who enjoys dystopian books like the Hunger Games or Divergent.




For movies I watched in April I have the Harry Potter movies! I re-watched them all and realized how freaking amazing all of them actually are. I had a bit of an obsession with Harry Potter for the whole of April (not that that obsession every ended). If you haven’t watched Harry Potter then what are you doing with your life? Seriously.




As it’s Autumn in Australia and REALLY cold (i’m actually dying) I decided to invest my precious money in a new pair of boots. I bought these boots from Cotton On (not sure if that’s only Australia) and I absolutely love them! They’re really comfy and actually fit really well which can sometimes be a bit of a problem buying boots. Anyway I’ve worn them many times and I’m actually in love.




My mum bought 4 little bottles with different flavours of the Marc Jacobs perfume for me and my sister and we split them. I put some on everyday before I school and I absolutely adore the smell. I’m really into the more flowery scents so it’s perfect for me.




It’s the middle of the school year now and assignments and tests are POURING in. To organize my study I’ve started using this cork board that I have in my room. I’ve had it for ages and haven’t really known what to do with it but I had the idea of putting the days of the week up top and the week number down the side then whenever I have homework I need to do I write it on a sticky note and pin it up on the day that I’ll do it. Honestly I thought I was pretty smart for coming up with that.




Finally I have an app that I’ve been using heaps in April . . . Spotify! I’ve been listening to so much music in classes when I’m bored or when we’re allowed to listen to music and I listen to music when I study as well so Spotify is great for me. Sometimes I don’t need a song that I know and love but just one that has a good beat and some nice lyrics. If you haven’t used Spotify before then I definitely recommend it!



So that’s it for April favourites! I hope you enjoyed because I really like writing these posts, I hope you find them interesting too! See you guys soon!


Love always

Jags xxx


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