My Top 3 Most Embarrassing/Cringe Moments

Hey guys!

First of all, I know my last blog post was very personal and a bit deep but I got so many positive comments and so much support from all of you and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Even the simplest comment like ‘stay strong’ helps me a lot.

Now moving on…

We’ve all done embarrassing things when we were younger. Like I once peed in the garden of a hotel when I was 3. And my parents have videos of me naked pushing a pram with one of my dolls in it around my living room (I’m going to be haunted forever by that). So today I thought I would share the top 3 most embarrassing/cringe things I’ve ever done. Let’s get started before I deeply regret deciding to do this.

Number 1:

In primary school, my friend (I’ll call her L) and I had an obsession with DIY stuff. So we came up with the bright idea of making our OWN Instagram DIY account. Bad idea. I went through the posts the other day and I almost gagged at how cringe they were.

Do you want to know how many followers we had?


And those 3 followers were me, L and L’s other account. And then we actually COMMENTED and LIKED our own photos as if we didn’t own the account. AHHHHHH PLEASE DELETE MY LIFE.


Number 2:

This actually happened quite recently and I still have horrific flashbacks about it…

So there’s this guy on my bus who I REALLY like and we’ve been friends for like 2 years now. The bus that we catch is also my second bus that takes me home so I don’t get off with everyone else and me and this guy have done this thing for a while now where he high fives me when he’s getting off the bus.

So this one time when he was getting off, I forgot about the high five and so I wasn’t really paying attention and so he stood up and was like “Bye Jags” and put his hand out for a high five. But my hand was in my pocket so I had to do this awkward scramble of pulling it out and then it was all sweaty. But to make things worse, when we high fived there was no momentum to do it properly so we just did this awkward like slowly putting our palms together and staying that way for like 3 seconds and he just looked at me really weirdly then sort of awkwardly walked away. I actually face palmed myself.


Number 3:

Once when I was on holidays at the coast, we were at the beach swimming and my bikini top thing was sort of getting loose because of all the waves and stuff. So when there was no waves coming I untied it (I didn’t take it off completely) and tried to re-do the knot. And JUST as I was tying it up, a huge wave came out of no where and it washed me all the way back onto the sand and I lost my grip on the bikini so it basically fell off. Luckily there wasn’t that many people there so I just sort of held it and dived back into the water and did it back up. But this guy that was further down the beach saw I think and when we walked past him he gave me this look and I was so embarrassed.


Thank god that’s over. I hope you guys enjoyed though. I’m definitely going to look back on this and deeply regret…

Leave some of your embarrassing moments in the comments 🙂


Love always

Jags xxx


4 thoughts on “My Top 3 Most Embarrassing/Cringe Moments

  1. Nice post!
    You don’t wanna know…most of my embarrassing moments are often caught up on video by my dad….
    There was this one time on my 18th birthday, I ordered a large pizza, sat on the floor with the pizza box in between my legs then ate the pizza hungrily..two piece at a time..unknowing my dad was making the video with the attendance of my naughty sisters…I was so embarrassed..when I got to know..I did the chores for a week just for him to delete the video…🙈

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