Once Upon A Time… 1#

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to start a series which I’m going to name ‘Once Upon A Time…’. It’s basically just going to be a summary of my day or weeks emotions in the form of a little fairy tale story.

I guess this sort of shares a bit more of my life with you guys and it also gives me a way to be creative and reflect on my feelings. Wow, that sounded so fake. Like something my religion teacher would tell me.

This first one is one I wrote last week, maybe, in my journal. It was on my birthday actually, as you will be able to tell once you’ve read it.

Just so you know, my journal is NOT all ‘Dear Diary…’ and ‘Today I ate an ice cream and it dripped all over my shirt. It was tragic!’. My journal is more of a place to document complete random thoughts, goals of mine, lists of things and stories like I will be showing on here.

I hope you enjoy this first one!

Once upon a time there was a young girl. On this young girls birthday she was so excited to go to school and receive flowers and chocolate and see all of the decorations on her locker. She was so excited to see her friends and eat cake and junk food at lunch time. When she arrived at her ocker there was no decorations coating the crappy spotted black,white and grey door. When she went to lunch there was no fabulous feast waiting for her. And she did NOT receive any colourful flowers and sweet chocolates. Worst of all, one of her best friend was in a hideous mood and her mother was out of town. She felt like she didn’t matter, like she was worthless.

And maybe she was.

That’s the eeeeeeennnnnnnnnddddd.

I hope you liked it! Also, if you read my short story post a while ago, there will be a sequel coming soon so keep your eye out for that!

Love always

Jags xxx


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