Hey guys!

Just a quick post today because I’m about to head off to Melbourne for the weekend but I wanted to make a post thanking you all for….


I know it doesn’t seem like that much (and really it isn’t) but it’s more than I ever imagined.

I mean, I couldn’t speak in front of 50 people, I don’t even have 50 friends, I’ve never eaten 50 donuts…actually nevermind.

But there are so many things I haven’t done or don’t have 50 of and now I add this to the very small list!

The list:

-Eat 50 donuts

-Watch 50 videos on Youtube in one day

-Have 50 followers on WordPress

So hooray, hooray! I’ve finally reached a milestone! Let’s hope there’s many more to come.

Love always

Jags xxxxx (extra kisses)


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