Jags chats 2#

Hey guys!

This is going to be a Jags chats post cause I’m super bored right now so why not?

So I was at my Nan’s country town for the last week where most of my cousins, aunties and uncles live along with my Nan.

I went with my 11 year old cousin, Z, to a football game that my other cousin was playing at at. We were walking around after we ate lunch and just doing laps of the football oval and we walked past a Ute where these 3 guys about my age were sitting in the back of it. When we walked past they were taking a selfie and I said to Z ‘Ooooh, taking a selfie’ and then they turned around and looked at us.

But the weirdest part was that they then wolf whistled us! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically when guys think someone is attractive so they whistle at them like oooh you’re attractive. But its also sort of calling out girls and using them as ‘objects’ I guess. So I just rolled my eyes and my cousin and I walked away but when they couldn’t see us anymore we just burst out laughing and we were literally on the floor and crying from laughing so much.

I kind of hate when guys wolf whistle girls, and I know it kind of sounds like a compliment but when you look at it from a different perspective its almost like they’re saying ‘oh your hot and I’m allowed to signal you out from everyone else.’ It’s just a bit mocking.


So I’m actually writing this at school because I’m in a class where I have literally no friends and the teacher doesn’t give a crap what we do so we’re watching a video and I’m just on my laptop.

I got a new maths teacher because my old one left, who I really liked, and he is really strange. But he’s unique and I really like him. He taught us a a bit about algebra expressions and equations and also Cartesian planes. While we were doing algebra he gave us this quote which I really loved.

‘Algebra is the search for the unknown’

I think it’s so nice and open. It makes maths seem actually fun.


It’s the first day back at school today and I’m ALREADY dreading the rest of the term. I honestly can’t wait to graduate and get out of this city. I was thinking about what I would do once I’ve graduate (4 YEARS TO GO!) and I think I would like to move to Melbourne and go to university. I think I would rent a flat with a room mate or just live on campus.

I would really like to study something artsy. Like media arts or something like that.


Well the bell is about to ring so I should probably wrap this up.

Have a good day everyone!

Love always

Jags xxx



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