The Handwriting Tag

Hey guys!

I was nominated to do this tag by Bella, I love your blog so thank you so much for nominating me!

I’m so excited for this, I think its a really interesting and unique idea so hats off to the person who created this. But I do have really messy writing so I’ll try do this as neatly as possible!

The Rules:

  1. Write your name.
  2. Write your blog name.
  3. Write your favourite word and its definition.
  4. Write something nice.
  5. Write the name of your favourite song right now.
  6. What’re you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself.
  8. Write/ draw your favourite emoticon.
  9. Write a silly message.
  10. Write who you’re tagging.




Sorry for the kind of blurry photo, I have a really crappy phone and also I’m sorry if it’s a bit cramped and messy. I was just trying to fit it all onto one page.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Feel free to do this tag even if I didn’t nominate you because its a really cool idea.

Have a lovely, lovely day.

Love always

Jags xxx


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