July Favourites!

Hey guys!

So I have a LOT of books in this months favourite because I’ve been reading so much and all of them have been amazing. I guess this will be good for book lovers like me!

First I have this berry scented Nail It nail polish which I wore all during my two week holiday. My school doesn’t let you wear nail polish (ugh freaking private schools) so I also grab any chance I get to paint my nails and I really loved this one!

thumbnail_photo 1.jpg

I got these cards from my Mum when she was in Melbourne and they’re just these cute little cards with quotes on them that I’ve stuck on my wall, I really like them!

photo 3

Now onto movies, I went to see the BFG at the cinema in the holidays with my cousin and it was soooo good! I loved Roald Dahl when I was younger and I read all of his books so when I found out that there was going to be a movie for the BFG I literally almost died. I definitely recommend that you go see it!

I also watched Easy A which I really enjoyed. It was really funny and entertaining, a good movie to watch with friends I think.

There was a Christmas in July fair in my town so I went to that with my parents. There was this stall with really cute succulents in teacups so we bought one for me and one for my sister! They are so pretty and I’ve put it on my bedside table next to the window, I love it so much!

photo 4.JPG

Now onto the many, many books I read this month. First is Frankie by Shivaun Plozza. THE PLOT TWIST KILLED ME. This was such a good book and I was literally sobbing reading the ending. It was like 12 am as well so my mum came in and was like What the hell are you doing? Why are you crying? And I just replied with sobs and held up the book.

Next: We Were Liars by  E. Lockhart. Again, plot twist was AMAZING. Although I was kind of confused with the ending because it didn’t really make sense, I still really enjoyed it.

photo 5 (1).JPG

This book was a little different from the rest of these. It was more of a historical fiction book called The Wrong Boy by Suzy Zail. It’s set in World War 2 from the point of view of a Jewish girl who gets sent to a concentration camp with her family. It was so sad and eye opening but kind of educational as well. I really liked it, definitely something to read if you enjoy history.

Lastly, I read the Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub which I borrowed from Ash. Its from 5 different point of views of high school students who are put onto the yearbook committee together. They become friends and go through a whole lot of drama together. I have to say, I finished this book like 2 hours ago and I was pretty disappointed with the ending. I think the author didn’t elaborate enough and should’ve made it more dramatic but I really really liked the beginning and middle.

photo 2.JPG

Hope you enjoyed this favourites! Maybe I’ll have something OTHER than books on my next favourites but I just love reading too much. Have an amazing day!

Love always

Jags xxx



5 thoughts on “July Favourites!

  1. I LURVE The Yearbook Comittee!!! *Inserts heart eyes* That nail polish is gorg…. Ahhhh I want it!! And I love succulents, they’re so cute and pretty 🙂 Great post!!!

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