How To Have A Great Study Space

Hey guys!

I’ve just gotten back into my third term at school and I’m aware that Americans (perhaps the English too? I don’t know) are going back to school soon as well so I thought I would share with you how to get a great study space.

I don’t even know why I’m making this, my study space isn’t exactly glam.

Okay, so.

Step 1 – Find a place to study

This may seem like any easy task but once you look at it in perspective, there are so many places to study!

Let me list a few:

-Next to the fridge (got to satisfy those study cravings!)

-In the bath (you have to get comfortable)

-Underneath your bed (who needs sunlight, am I right?)

Now that I’ve given you some very practical and creative ideas, go out young grasshopper and seek your new study spot!

Step 2 – What are you studying?

This step isn’t as important but I guess you should know what you want to type into Wikipedia.

Step 3 – Get in the mood

Put on some lovely zen music, light some incense, cross your  legs and start humming in monotone. You feeling it yet? If not, just continue step 3 until your legs start to cramp up.

Step 4 – Prepare your snacks

Grab all the unhealthy food you have in your kitchen and proceed to eat it all in giant mouthfuls. You may have heard myths about fatty and sugary food being bad for study but really, we all know how energized chocolate makes you. Brain food!

Step 5 – Set up

Get out your sticky notes, sharpies, and highlighters! You need to set everything up perfectly before beginning the torturous process of studying. Sometimes being a neat freak is for the better.

Step 6 – Actually study

Okay so now its actually time to get stu-

Oh, what? You’re too tired? Oh, well, go to bed and we can pick this up again tomorrow!


So those are my tips to get studying!

Have a lovely, lovely day!

Love always

Jags xx


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