Jags Chats! #2

Hey guys!

I really feel like having a random chat today because it’s been kind of shit recently.

First of all, LORD HELP ME, I have four assignments and two tests coming up and the pressure is killing me. Honestly, why do I need to know what longitude and latitude is? When is a Cartesian plane going to be useful in my life? WHERE AM I EVER GOING TO NEED TO KNOW HOW TO WRITE A POEM?

Anyway, small rant over. But don’t you worry, I’ve got another rant coming!

So as I’ve said before, Kay has a boyfriend and he’s really nice blah blah blah, but on the bus (the one Kay, him and I catch) they always sit together in a seat and I’m left to find my own. Yes, its understandable they want to sit together but they make no effort to help me or even talk to me. Then when I finally sit down three seats away they just completely ignore me. I think today that they maybe turned around and talked to me once in 40 minutes. It really pisses me off. I’m your best friend, and yes, I spend the whole day with you but you don’t need to ignore me completely because you have a boyfriend now.

Okay maybe I should talk about something lighter.

I know!

Food. My favourite thing in the world.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is such a hard question because there are soooo many foods. Wow, that was the most obvious answer in the entire world, well done Jags. I mean, you can choose from savoury, sweet, breakfast, lunch, brunch. And you would get so sick of the food after a while so you would have to choose something that you could mix up a bit sometimes. Also, if you chose like pizza for instance, I would bet my entire book collection (and that means a lot to me) that you would have diabetes and have a heart attack.

Maybe I would choose salads. Cause there’s so many choices! You could have just a plain old green salad with some of those juicy fucking tomatoes. Or you could have a chicken salad. You could put dressing in. You could even create some crazy like dessert salad with chocolate shards as the lettuce and some rasperry lolly as the tomatoes.

Oh my God, I should make a recipe for that!

Okay, lets do this.

So you get some of that good cooking chocolate and you gotta get all the flavours; dark, milk, white, multicolored, anything you can get. Then you melt that shit in the microwave (or over the stove if you wanna be fancy) and you pour it thin onto some baking paper and put it in the fridge. Okay so then you get some white marshmallows and tear them up. Then you get some red lollies, maybe red frogs (other red lollies are available), and some licorice. Alright so now you get that chocolate out of the fridge and break it up. Then chuck it in a bowl and sort of just throw everything except the marshmallows in and mix it up. Then you sprinkle those marshmallows over the top like feta and voila! You have your dessert salad.

I love how into that I got. By the way that was off the top of my head and there’s probably like a million things wrong with it so please don’t try it cause I might accidentally blow up your kitchen somehow.

I have another question about food. Don’t judge me, I like it okay?

So, if you had to wear food as clothing, what would you wear?

Cause I think I would go for some lovely pizza slice underwear, it’s kind of the right shape. And I’d wear one of those like soft taco shells as a bra cause I feel like they would actually have really good support. And then I’d get some lettuce leaves and stick them down with honey. If I was ever in the wild with no clothes but a crap ton of food, this is how I would survive. Not that that would ever happen but, you know, gotta keep possibilities open.

Well, I hope you liked this really really random post. It was…interesting to write. Sometimes I seriously worry about my mental state.

Love always

Jags xx


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