Religion & My Beliefs

Hey guys!

Edit: If you’re sensitive about religion then perhaps don’t read this post.

There are some things that I have never talked about on this blog, one of them being religion.

So I go to a Catholic school, my mum’s side of the family is Catholic and I have been baptised and have done communion. But I haven’t always believed in the Bible, Jesus, God and all of those teachings.

As you can imagine, we have to do religious education (or as us bogans say it, RE) at our Catholic school and in RE there are some things that I’ve decided I don’t particularly agree with. Now, as this is a sensitive topic I won’t list what they are because I’m guessing there are Catholics out there reading this who could be offended in some way and if you are, I’m sorry but these are my beliefs.

I was a bit on and off with believing in God, at one point I just completely trashed the idea and thought no that’s not something I believe in but later on I realised that, yes, it is something to think about and process.

I don’t believe in every aspect to do with God (and I refuse to call God a him, I’ll explain later) and I’ve sort of warped my belief into something that fits my logic and lifestyle. Okay, I’ll take you through it.

God is not so much a controller of life but a hope giver. God gives me, or anyone else, someone to confide in in difficult times and someone who you can not expect to fix your problems but help you through them in your own way. I’ll give an example: say you have a friend who you believe is in a risky situation, for example taking drugs or something, and you feel you need to help them out but don’t know how.

By praying or asking for guidance from God, not to make your friend stop taking drugs but to give you guidance on how to help your friend. Sure, perhaps you will not hear a booming voice in your ear saying ‘just talk to her!’ but by telling someone your problems and asking for advice, you can have the comfort of feeling open and perhaps like someone understands your situation.

It doesn’t even need to be that serious of a situation, simply just your sister having surgery on her broken arm is a perfectly good reason to confide in someone.

Now for my explanation from earlier. I don’t call God ‘he’ or ‘her’ or ‘they’ or anything like that. Although I HAVE said ‘someone’ so my dear readers understand a bit more. But I believe that God may not be a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ or even a ‘someone’. Because no one actually knows. To us, God is an ‘it’. God is God. God is just whoever or whatever God is.

To me, when I pray, God is my confider and my listener. God is my advice giver and my comforter. God is not my helper nor my excuser. By telling something to God I am not simply free of the situation but by asking for God’s guidance I feel comfortable. Some of you might find that a bit weird but to me it makes sense and it’s what I believe.

Another thing, religion is not defined by practices like going to church with a proper priest or, in the case of Catholics, taking the Eucharist. Although this gives you a connection to Jesus, it’s not something I find necessary to be religious. I enjoy praying because it feels like talking to an old friend who knows everything about you and you have no fear of and you can tell anything to them. But I like to pray in a spot where I am comfortable and when I feel it is needed.

For example; my bedroom, in a quiet outdoors area or somewhere like a small chapel (not like the giant masses we have at school on Easter and at other events). I also only pray when I have something to talk to God about. I don’t do things like Grace before eating or the formal prayers that we do in the mornings in PC. Mine are more stories or asking to watch over a loved one if you know what I mean.

My last point that I’ll list today is that I think about religion quite historically. Like, I believe in evolution. I believe that Jesus was just a normal guy who did some cool shit but probably didn’t die on the cross like everyone said and come back to life. I believe that St Paul and St Joseph did some amazing and heroic things but their stories were altered to fit the mold of the bible. I believe that the bible is like one of those ‘based on a true story’ movies, I believe that it’s a collection of stories that have been changed to be more dramatic and metaphorical than they really were at the time. Perhaps there was a good Samaritan and he really did help a poor man who had been left to die but perhaps his intentions were just of kindness and loyalty and not led by Jesus or any kind of religion.

Okay, I think I’ve talked enough about this now. I hope you kind of get my point though.

Believing in SOMETHING is important. Whether it be a God who watches over you, a deceased loved one, Buddha or the Greek God of freaking wine! Praise that mother fucker like you never have before and be thankful for the opportunities of belief that you have because there may have been a time once when people had nothing.

So take what you have and be happy with it.

Whoah. That was some super meaningful shit.

Love always

Jags xxx



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