How To Recover From School

Hey guys!

Tomorrow is my last day of term 3, hallelujah! Only one more term to go then I can go to the beach and attempt to get tanned…

Almost there!

But I’ve found that by the end of each term, I’m completely dead. Literally, all this week I’ve been insanely tired, had a headache, runny nose, cough and just felt utterly horrible.

So here are my tips to recover from the torturous exercise of school!

  1. Buy an extra large jar of Nutella
  2. Plan an outing with friends
  3. Cancel the outing with friends
  4. Watch 5 seasons of your favourite TV show on Netflix
  5. Sleep in until 1 pm
  6. Stay up until 3 am
  7. Eat a block of Cadbury chocolate for lunch
  8. Stare absently at the holiday homework you’ve been set
  9. Ignore it
  10. Bake a cake
  11. Eat the cake
  12. Avoid contact with sunlight for 2 weeks
  13. Avoid contact with fresh air for 2 weeks
  14. Avoid contact with nature for 2 weeks
  15. Stare at your computer screen for 12 hours
  16. Stare at your phone screen for another 5
  17. Pick up a book and do some light reading
  18. Then after 2 minutes go back to your computer
  19. Paint your nails
  20. Re-paint your nails

Hope they come in handy! And remember, holidays isn’t just about taking a break from school and catching up with friends…it’s about being fat and lazy for 2 weeks while your eyes start go blurry from looking at your computer for too long. Ah, the joys of holidays!

Love always

Jags xxx


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