The 2016 Blogger Awards – Nominations

Hey guys!

So I wasn’t around for this last year (I only started in January so I’m a bit of a newbie) and it’s such a cool idea that I just had to do it this year!

It was so hard to choose my nominees but I finally came to my decisions. Good luck to all!

Blogger of the year: I think anyone that reads her blog will agree with me entirely. Elm, of course!

Blog of the year: 3littlebirds puts so much effort into her posts and they’re so interesting to read. They’re original, creative and inspirational and I just love them!

Kindest blogger: This was one of the easiest for me. She was my first blogger friend and someone who I eventually spilled my guts out too and she helped me so much! Anonymousblog, you are one of the kindest people in the Blogosphere and can always make me smile with your kind words. Thank you for being such an amazing friend!

Most approachable blogger: This was so hard because basically everyone is so nice and open! But I had to say Elm again. There’s been a few times when I’ve asked her stupid questions in the starting months of my blog and she was always so kind and cool about everything. Anyone would feel welcomed to the blogging world by her!

Best new blogger: A blogger followed me a little while back and I was curious so I checked her blog out. I was astounded by how beautiful and inspirational her posts were and I felt almost dedicated to inform her of it! The best new blogger for me is Viuniversali (I had to actually search up your name to figure out how to spell it, ahaha).

Most positive blogger: Weirdly, I found this one difficult. I came to a decision that My Irrelevant Thoughts is most positive. Her blogs always make me smile and her words are so kind.

Most helpful blogger: I would’ve voted Elm again but unfortunately I couldn’t so I’m going to vote for 3littlebirds again. In the Hufflepost Blogwarts forum she has been so helpful with everything and making such a big effort to get everyone included and to give advice.

Best looking blog: kk has such an aesthetically pleasing blog it actually makes me happy. If you want to just drown in beautiful tumblr pictures then just stare at the front page of her blog for a little while.

Most relatable blog: Azura Skye! And as a fellow aussie I can definitely relate to some things.

Most creative blogger: As soon as I saw that I immediately just went ANTHONY. Mostly because of his Blogwarts idea but also because of his amazingly creative posts.

Funniest blogger: L. I always enjoy his posts and they so often make me smile when I’m having a crap day.

Wildcard: I don’t really know what category they would fit into but Just A Blank Space for making their blog so interesting and putting so much effort and thought into their posts. Also, their featured images on their posts always are so aesthetic and I’m like YES THEN. Anyway, just for being great.

If you didn’t get voted then know that you’re amazing no matter what. If you want to do this then look at Elm’s post on the awards to find out what to do! It’s really cool so I definitely recommend it.

Wow guys! Two posts in a row! Lets try keep this streak up and I’ll attempt to post tomorrow (BUT I’M MAKING NO PROMISES).

Love always

Jags xxx


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