Short Films? Blog Ideas? Anniversary?

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking…how would you guys like to see some short films made by me?

Film is something that’s always interested me and I have contemplated making a Youtube channel for short films multiple times but always decided against it. I just don’t think Youtube is my thing. But nothings stopping me from posting videos on here, right?

I don’t know, it was just a thought. And if you would like to see some let me know.

If I do end up doing videos they probably won’t be posted until later in the year, after all my assessment and crap is done.

Also…I can’t believe I’m doing this…I’m such a pathetic blogger…


Seriously. I’ve got major writers block. I literally have shit all to talk about and I’m so annoyed at myself for that because I’m in the mood for blogging.

If you would like me to do a specific post then I would be completely open to any suggestions. Otherwise I’ll make up something shitty and we’ll just have to go with it.

So that’s your homework for the week! Give me a blog idea and your opinion on short films on here. Thanks very much, chaps!


It’s almost my 1 year anniversary of this blog (in January I think) and I can’t believe how many followers I have already after only 1 year! Considering my shitty writing and consistensy and all. At the moment its on like 70 something but how amazing would it be to get my followers to 100 by the anniversary! Of course followers aren’t all that matters but I think it would be cool to give this blog a little present by reaching 100 readers on its birthday.

So spread the word! Knock on your neighbours doors and say “hey go follow Jags’ blog it’s real great.” Tell your many friends and your beloved family. Go my little angels. Spread our goodness to the world!

Love always

Jags xxx


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