I Bled Through My Dress

Hey guys!

Holy shit yesterday was one of the most stressful days of my life. I can’t believe I’m even telling you this. This is so embarrassing…

Here goes.

So the other day my lady day arrived and  I was like okay yeah cool now I have to go to school with cramps and have to change my pad but yeah I guess I’ll just have to do it. Little did I know that I had run out of pads in my school bag and all I had was liners so I couldn’t actually change my pad properly.

And very conveniently, my period was super heavy that day! So the whole day I was walking around with this completely saturated pad that I couldn’t take off and it was the WORST.

But then something very unfortunate happened.

I was in fifth period, maths, doing a test and I sitting kind of weirdly so that my legs were open. When I finished the maths test and the bell rang for the end of period five I got up with Ash and began walking down the corridor to our period six class room which was science.

I have a habit where I play with the hem of my school dress and smooth it down at the back to make sure it hasn’t risen up. But as I was smoothing it down at the back that day I noticed there was a sort of wet patch at the back of my dress.

So I turned to Ash and said ‘I’ll be right back, I really need to pee.’ and sprinted to the bathrooms.

When I got in there, there was a line up for the toilet and I actually externally groaned and slumped against the wall, death glaring all of the slow poopers on the other side of those cubicle doors. Finally, after about five other people, I got myself a cubicle and rushed in to check out the accident.


Okay, maybe I am a bit, it was like the size of an iPhone 4.

So of course I panicked and began hyperventilating and running through all of the horrible and excruciatingly embarrassing scenarios. I had a liner in my pocket so I tried to patch up some of the areas where I had bled through, but it was too late. The damage had already been done.

I had my school jumper on so I quickly took that off and tied it around my waist. THAT JUMPER WAS MY SAVIOR. It was long enough to completely hide the blood and you couldn’t even get a glimpse of it from the sides either. We’re not meant to wear our jumpers around our waists at school (everyone does it anyway. Suck it Mrs T) so I got a few looks and got told off by a few teachers but I just kind of nodded and quickly walked away before they could do anything.

So I spent the whole period of science completely zoned out of the conversation we were having about the brain or some shit and just going over exactly what I was going to do to get home without my accident being seen.

I’ll run you through my plan.

First, after school I was going to go into the bathroom again and put as many liners on as I needed. Then I would make sure the jumper was secured perfectly. While I was waiting for the bus, I would need to be sat on the ground or against a tree or something. Then on the bus I would HAVE to get a seat so I could sit down and no one could see. Next, at my stop I would lower my bag down as far as possible so it basically covered my butt. Then I would finally be home.

BUT WAIT. The dilemma wasn’t over yet.

I was way to embarrassed to go to my mum and tell her what happened so I tried to fix it myself. I went into the bathroom and filled the sink with hot water and soap. I soaked my dress, shorts and underwear then scrubbed the blood patches until they were practically gone. The underwear ones came out fine as well as the shorts but the dress didn’t really come out.

I hope once it’s been through the washing machine it will be okay, if not, I’ll just have to wear some of my other dresses for a bit longer…lots of deodorant will help I suppose.

And there you go, that’s my traumatic period story. From now on I’m always keeping a pad in my pocket, crossing my legs and ALWAYS keeping my jumper on hand.

Love always

Jags xxx


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