How To Speak Australian

Hey guys!

Recently in English we’ve been learning about etymology, the study of words. Last lesson we watched a video about Australian slang and the whole class was completely cracking up, realising how much slang we use in our daily lives. So today I thought I’d share with you some Australian slang and how to speak Australian.

First of all, we love to shorten words. Words that really don’t need to be shortened, we freaking shorten them anyway!

I’ll give a few examples:

  • biscuit – bickie
  • afternoon – arvo
  • football – footy
  • sunglasses – sunnies
  • relatives – rellies
  • kindergarten – kindy
  • lipstick – lippie
  • magpie – maggie
  • mosquito – mossie
  • pregnant – preggers
  • present – pressie
  • Christmas – Chrissy
  • Australia – Aussie
  • McDonalds – Maccas
  • Schnitzel – Schnitty
  • Woolworths – Woolies (a supermarket company here)

And that’s just to name a few.

Now, there’s a few categories that Australian slang phrases fit into.There’s having a chat to your friends, having a fight, gossiping, etc. For example, if you see a friend down the street, nobody in Australia’s gonna say good day, friend. How has your day been? If someone said that to me I’d probably laugh and walk away. No, the correct dialogue is g’day, mate. How’s it going?

If someone apoligised to you about something, you’d probably say no worries. And if you wanted to say thank you to someone you would say ta. If you’re annoyed about something, bloody hell. If you’re tired, I’m stuffed or I’m buggered. If someone did something good, good on ya. When someone is a bit unsophisticated and are a bit weird, bogans. If something seems a bit weird or not right, dodgy. If something is great, it’s a beauty. If you are annoyed at something, bugger it. If you’re annoyed at someone, get stuffed or come off it. If someone is a bit dodgy and bogan, their a dag. If someone deserves something bad that’s happened, sucked in. When saying goodbye, have a good one. If you think something will be okay, she’ll be right. When you want to try something, give it a crack. 

We also have a few things for foods and other random objects as well.

A sausage is called a snag. A sandwich is a sanger.Tucker means food.A biscuit is a bickie. Brekkie is breakfast. Chewie is chewing gum. Chokkie is chocolate. Daks is pants. Trackies are tracksuit pants. Cozzie is swimming costume. Dunny is toilet. Esky is coolbox. Grog is alcohol. Icy pole is ice lolly. Jocks is male underwear. Lollies are sweets. Loo is toilet. Munchies are snacks. Pav is pavlova (the dessert). Spag bol is spaghetti bolognese. Stubby is a beer bottle. Thongs are flip flops (not underwear!). Veggies or veg and vegetables. A ute is like a little truck or a utility vehicle.

How about we construct a paragraph now and test your Australian slang knowledge. To properly experience this you will need to read it in an extremely strong Aussie accent.

Here we go.

Yesterday arvo me and my mates chucked a few stubbies in the esky and packed a few sangers and snags for the barbie at the beach with my rellies.We hopped into the ute with our cozzies and thongs then headed for the beach. Before we got there we went for a Maccas run but I wanted a schnitty so we stopped by the Woolies in town. We played a bit of footy and told our mate to get sucked in when he fell in the water. All the mossies were out that night and the maggies were swooping us from the trees. Luckily I bought me sunnies though cause I was buggered by the end of the night. We chucked a few snags on the barbie and cooked up some veggies then had a pav for dessert with a block of chokkie. The dunny at the camp was gross as but I really had to go to the loo so I dropped me daks and jocks and went in the bushes. Before bed we had a few munchies and a bikkie with me cuppa. The ocean was a right beauty but one of me dodgy mates was being a bogan and ruined the night.We told him to get stuffed. The next morning we went for a dip before brekkie then all headed home. Told me mates to have a good one and it was no worries for bringing em along.

And there you go now you know how to speak fluent Australian. Also, if you found this amusing then I suggest you watch this video and this one. You might not understand the second one if you’re foreign but it’s a proper laugh if you follow along quick enough.

Have a good one mate!

Love always

Jags xxx


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