Jags Is Coming To Town – Christmas Blog Surprise!

Hey guys!

I have decided to do something special on this blog for Christmas. I may regret it. I may stress about it. But I’m gonna do it fricking anyway!

So this December I am going to posting EVERYDAY up until Christmas day. Every post will be Christmas themed and every second day there will be a little short story, each time a different genre. I’ll put the schedule down below – it might change depending on the circumstances, if it does I will update you – so you can keep up with all the posts.

1st – Christmas romance story

2nd – Christmas present ideas

3rd – Christmas mystery story

4th – top Christmas movie recommendations

5th – Christmas horror story

6th – top Christmas book recommendations

7th – Christmas action / adventure story

8th – top Christmas music recommendations

9th – Christmas children’s story

10th – Christmas decoration ideas

11th – Christmas short film

12th – Christmas Q&A

13th – Christmas poem

14th – Christmas baking ideas

15th – Christmas picture library

16th – last minute Christmas DIY presents

17th – Christmas fantasy story

18th – Christmas tag

19th – Christmas art

20th – Christmas collab with someone (if you would like to collab then email me jagsonline6@gmail.com)

21st – Christmas drama story

22nd – something sarcastic that’s Christmas themed (I’ll figure it out)

23rd – Christmas short story sequel (to get a sequel to your favourite short story, leave a comment on the post of that story asking for a sequel)

24th – Christmas collab with Penny (AnonymousBlog)

25th – Merry Christmas! Special Christmas post

And that’s the schedule for December. I needed a name for this, and I chose Jags Is Coming To Town. I think its cute and a good reference to a great Christmas song! For short we can call it JICTT to save our fingers from having to type too much.

If you have any other Christmas post suggestions then comment and maybe I’ll change some of the others. A couple I improvised because I could not think of anything to put near the end. I’m sorry but my creativity only runs for so long!

I hope you guys are excited for this because I certainly am! Wow, there’s going to be a lot of writing and blogging next month. Be prepared.


Love always

Jags xxx


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