He Asked Me Out!

Hey guys!

Something amazing just happened to me and I, of course, instantly wanted to share it with you guys.

So my friend Ash is now in a band, this happened quite a while ago, but she’s in a band with four guys from our, what we call, ‘brother’ school. It’s basically like the guy version of our school (I go to an all girls school). Anyway, I’ve been to a few of their practises and their really good but I couldn’t help notice one of the guys, we’ll call him S, kept looking at me. He plays the drums – and is really good at it too – and I think he’s pretty cute as well.

Ash has a group conversation with 3 of the guys – one of them doesn’t have Instagram – and they were talking today, probably about crushes or dating or something, and S said:

“Jags is pretty hot. And she is nice.”


“I meant beautiful, not hot.”

WHAT. And then,

“I was talking with her the other day and she is fucking amazing. She is really nice.”

OH MY LORD MY HEART STOPPED. So Ash sent me screenshots of that conversation, as any good friend should, and then I got a message from him saying this:

“I’ve been thinking about you lately and how nice you are. And I couldn’t help but want you to be mine. What I’m trying to say is do you want to go out with me?”

Okay, okay, okay. Things like this don’t ever happen to me. I’m not the girl who gets the guy. I’m not the girl who gets called pretty. I rarely even get called nice. I just sit there and be silent and keep to myself. But somehow this guy, who I really like, has seen something in me that he wants and that just blows my mind. So I replied with this:

Me: As in go on a date or actually date?

S: Actually date.

Me: Okay well I like you a lot and you’re nice and stuff but to be honest I don’t really know you.

S: True. We should get to know each other better and then you can see.

Me:Yeah I would like that.

S: By going out on a date or something.

Me: Yeah. I’m sorry I feel so mean! But if you know what I mean, I’d rather know someone well before dating them.

S: That’s fine. And a good way to think about it.

Me: Ha yeah. By the way, Ash sent me a whole lot of screenshots.

S: Yeah, of what?

Me: Your conversation.

S: The group chat has its ups and downs.

Me: Haha. And I mean the conversation just then as well. You’re too nice to me. I don’t deserve it.

S: Don’t be stupid as to say that about yourself. And that is legit and not a cliche.

Me: Aha well thanks. Do you actually think I’m pretty though or are you just being nice.

S: I do.

Me: Aw thanks. You’re not too bad yourself.

S: Thanks. And you’re welcome.

So yeah that’s been my afternoon. Wow. Who ever thought the day would end like this. I’m excited but nervous and scared at the same time. This is the kind of stuff that gives me horrific anxiety. If any of you have any dating and date advice then please let me know because I have no clue. I’ll keep you updated on how this all goes down!

Love always

Jags xxx


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