November Favourites!

Hey guys!

Holy crap. It’s almost the end of the year! We literally have one more month to go and then we’re in 2017! The year of the iphone 8, real hoverboards, good movies and hopefully a new United States president. Anyway, let’s go straight into it.

We’re gonna start with TV shows. I’ve been sick all this week and on tuesday and wednesday my parents let me stay home and I completely binged Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I have lots of friends who love Gilmore Girls so I thought I would try it out and I actually love it! I was told that sometimes nothing really happens and it’s really soft and can be a bit boring so I was wary going into it, thinking that I probably wouldn’t like it because I enjoy more action filled TV shows. But no, I actually loved it. There was plenty going on in the first season for me to be entertained so I’m sure the next 6 will be just as good. It’s pretty old as well, I think made in 2006, so some of the acting is a bit crap near the beginning and the camera quality isn’t that great but it’s enjoyable anyway. I’m also excited to watch the Gilmore Girls revival that everyone’s been ranting about. I’ve been trying not to look at any reviews or anything cause I want to experience it for myself.

Image result for gilmore girls season 1

Next is Stranger Things. I had heard SO much about this and it sounded really good. At the time when it came out I was still watching Supernatural and I didn’t want to ruin the flow so I waited until I had finished Supernatural and then me and Ash watched Stranger Things at the same time. Holy shit it was amazing. Every episode had me hooked and I loved the mystery and cliffhanger on the last episode. I’m so so excited for season 2 to be out! I definitely recommend it.

Image result for stranger things

Now, I know I’ve mentioned this in a favourites before but I’m sorry, it’s just way too good not to put in again. As I said earlier, I finished watching Supernatural (well, the seasons that are on Australian Netflix. OH MY GOD IT ANNOYED ME SO MUCH WHEN THEY TOOK THE WHOLE OF SUPERNATURAL OFF AUSTRALIAN NETFLIX AND I WAS LIKE BITCH WTF WHY DO AMERICANS GET TO WATCH IT AND WE DON’T. SO I MADE MY MUM GO AND BUY SEASON 10 AND 11 ON DVD SO I CAN GET IT FOR CHRISTMAS. Okay rant over, let’s get back to the review) and the ending of season 9 was freaking crazy. I was home alone at the time and I literally got up as it ended and ran across the room screaming because HOLY SHIT. What happened to Dean made me want to die and I was literally already googling where I could buy season 10. So yeah, if you want a good, kind of scary, kind of dramatic, kind of funny, kind of romantic, kind of everything TV show then I would 100% recommend this. Also, if you want to stare at attractive men for 12 seasons then this is your solution. Because, I mean, just look at them. Sam and Dean. Then Castiel. And good old Crowley, the king of hell. Okay I should stop before I make myself have a stroke.

Image result for supernatural

Now onto a movie that I really liked. If you don’t know, I looooove documentaries. Especially ones about really pressing matters like global warming, animal cruelty, greenpeace, etc. So when my sister told me to watch The Cove on Netflix I was like yeah sure, why not. But I was not expecting what I saw. So The Cove is about this cove in Japan where they slaughter 23,000 dolphins every year and then the ones that they don’t kill, they sell to marine parks to be trained and held in captivity. And with the dolphins that are killed, they sell their meat. But people who are buying this meat aren’t aware of what it really is. Because of the water pollution in the world, dolphins carry a large amount of mercury in their bodies (which if you didn’t know, is poisonous) and so when humans eat this meat, they get really really sick. And the dolphin meat is also falsely branded sometimes, claiming that its whale meat because that’s a normal thing in Japan. But Japan doesn’t give two shits about that and they do it anyway. So the group doing this documentary are trying to get video evidence to stop the dolphin murders and then if they get that, they’re going to try and show that to the public at an annual international meeting. So there will be heaps of countries there talking about the ocean and stuff and this guy is gonna stroll in with a video showing dolphins being murdered in that cove. So yeah it’s a really good documentary and I really really loved it. I went a signed a petition afterwards with I’ll leave a link to here so that the dolphins killings can be stopped.

Image result for the cove poster

Another documentary I liked was Cowspiracy. We were recommended to watch this by our sustainability group at school and I was actually shocked by it. I’ve been thinking of going vegetarian for a while now (my mum won’t let me until I’m 16 though) and this really secured my opinions about animal products and how animals are being treated and are effecting our world. If you’re a strong believer in animal freedom and global warming then I highly recommend this.

Image result for cowspiracy

Next onto a two book series that I read. The first one is called by Everyday by David Levithan and the sequel is called Another Day. They were both amazing and the cliffhanger ending annoyed me so much cause I want to know what happens so bad. It’s about this guy who switches bodies everyday and when he’s in the body of this guy, Justin, he meets Rhiannon who he falls in love with but Justin is her boyfriend. So it’s like their relationship with the guy not being the same person each day. The second book is from Rhiannon’s point of view and its similar to the first one but it’s more in depth with her feelings and her relationship with Justin. Its confusing but really good.

Image result for everyday bookImage result for another day book

And lastly, another book that I loved. I borrowed it from Ash and it’s called Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven. Jennifer Niven also wrote All The Bright Places which is one of my favourite books ever. So I had high expectations for this one. And those expectations were met. I loved it sooooo much and it was so sweet and cute and relatable and I wanted to laugh and cry and scream all at once. So yes, definitely read this.

Image result for holding up the universe

And that’s the end of our very very long favourites post! Sorry about how long it is, I got a bit carried away this time. Anyway, now I’m gonna go and make some pancakes then watch another 20 episodes of Gilmore Girls. Sometimes being sick is good.

Love always

Jags xxx


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