2.12.16 | Christmas Present Ideas

Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d share some present ideas for family, friends and anyone else that you need to get gifts for. Hopefully you find it helpful and can use these suggestions to buy some great Christmas presents.


Depending on boys and girls, there’s a variety of children’s presents you can get. For girls you can buy teddy bears, barbies, dolls or anything to do with fairies and princesses. When I was little I used to love getting these little books about fairies (even though I never really read them) so I’m sure any little girl would love to receive one. Boys would enjoy anything with cars, monsters, video games. Kind of nerdy stuff. Kids don’t have very high standards so I think anything would work great.


Girls would like romance/drama books, jewelry, bags, lip gloss, things that smells good. Pretty girly stuff. And then for boys; things to do with sports (soccer, football, cricket, baseball) like balls, equipment, club shirts or maybe headphones, skateboards, watches. It really depends on the type of person you’re buying for.


For women, anything that smells good like candles, body stuff, and lush. Or things that are fluffy like blankets, slippers, dressing gowns. Jewelry is nice as well but you need to know the type of things she likes. Men will probably like things like beer, fishing, gardening. Really typical boyish things.


I think elderly women enjoy the same types of things as female adults. But I think elderly people really enjoy homemade things like cards, jams, baked goods, crafts, things really heartfelt and sweet. Men would probably like male adult things as well. Perhaps something to do with cooking and outdoorsy things.

And there we go! I think some of this would be quite helpful and it’s the kind of things I would buy for people in these age groups.


Love always

Jags xxx


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