3.12.16 | What He Left Behind

Hey guys!

I’m back with another story –  a mystery this time – and I think this one is pretty good and I’m excited to share. I’m not sure if it’s really a mystery but it’s kind of how I interpreted it. Anyway, enjoy!


Snow covers the house like a coat as he approaches. Flakes settle on top of his beanie and on his gloves. Everything is so calm and silent. But it won’t be after what he’s about to do. He walks up onto the porch and tries the door. Locked. He peers in one of the front windows then walks around the back of the house. He tries the door again. Locked. But the lock on this door is old and creaky so with a small shove, it comes loose. Inside it’s cold and dim. It looks as if the house has been empty for some time. Dust is beginning to collect on tabletops and lamp shades. Discarded books and old magazines lay on the coffee table. A small Christmas tree decorated only with dark lights and a star is tucked away in the corner of the living room. He walks over and switches the lights on. They glow pink, green, purple and red. The lights fill the room in a warm glow of luminescent rainbows. He smiles. Then he turns and walks back outside. He trudges back to his car, the red door swinging open to reveal piles of sacks covered in blankets. He pulls a white one out and treks back to the house. By the Christmas tree, he sits his sack down and begins unpacking it. He pulls out baubles, tinsel, lights, stars, garlands, figurines, sweets and more than you can imagine. Then his work starts. He begins by setting up another tree, a real one this time, that he drags in from outside, snow trailing behind it. Red, green, gold and silver baubles are hung on the branches and shimmering tinsel is strung. Golden fairy lights are woven between the decorations and a bold glittery star is placed on the top branch. Next, more lights are hung up by windows and doors, on the roof and along the floor. Tinsel is strung from tables and chairs and across windows. A garland is stuck on both front and back door and the dull floor mats replaced with ones with reindeers and snowmen and Santa Claus. Outside in the trees, more coloured lights are hung, along with baubles and tinsel. On the front porch, he lines the railings with garlands and illuminates the roof with lights. Back inside, he sets up little stone Santa’s holding sacks and candles and letters who perch on counters and dining tables and beside beds. A reindeer and snowman sit on the coffee table next to the mince pies, the gingerbread and the fruitcake. On the dining table is baked potatoes, roasted chicken, roasted lamb, roasted turkey, salads, gravy, stuffing, pies, more than anyone could eat. Finally, once he was done, he stepped back and looked at his work. The house was no longer dim and dusty but bright and fresh. It smelt of pine needles and homemade dinners and gingerbread. The lights made everything look cheery and the tinsel flashed in his eyes. Everything was done. Well, almost everything. He walked over to the new Christmas tree and emptied the rest of his sack. Out came boxes wrapped in red and green, with white bows and gold glitter. All shapes and sizes came out of that sack. Squares and rectangles, circles and cylinders, but all were perfectly wrapped. He sat them all neatly under the Christmas tree and stood up to go. As he passed, he switched on the stereo to a cheery jingly song that played over and over again on repeat for who knows how long. Before he left, he brought out one last thing from that sack of his. A letter. He left it on the kitchen bench next to a lit gingerbread candle, then left that house without a single word.
Well, that’s what he told me in that letter at least.


There we go! Hope you enjoyed that. Tomorrow is my Christmas movie recommendations and its one I’m super excited for so keep your eyes peeled!


Love always

Jags xxx


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