5.12.16 | The Doll

Hey guys!

Today is another story, a horror this time. I’ve never written a horror story before so we’ll see how this goes!

Rory kissed Jack on the head before tucking him into bed.

‘Mummy,’ Jack said, ‘Can you put the santa doll here?’

He pointed to his bedside table. His mum nodded and went downstairs to fetch the santa doll. It was porcelain with rosy red cheeks, a big white fluffy beard and the standard red santa outfit and hat. She put it on the table facing Jack then gave him another kiss.

‘Don’t stay awake or you’ll see santa and won’t get any presents. Goodnight, sweetheart.’ she whispered before turning out the light and closing the door.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to sleep. Eventually he was swept into his dreams where snow was falling outside his window and santa’s reindeers were clicking across the roof. The doll sat there throughout the night watching over Jack. It’s dark glossy eyes stared forward unconsciously and its mouth was positioned in a smile. One of its hands was holding a sack over his shoulder and the other was raised, grasping a lantern. When midnight ticked around, Jack’s father approached the bedroom before he went to bed. As he opened the door he heard a bump and a thud, assuming it was Jack still awake.

‘Jack? What are you doing?’

But Jack was sound asleep in his bed. On the floor in front of the bed was the doll on its back, staring absently up at the ceiling. His father picked the doll up, turning it over in his hands. He placed it back on the table. Before leaving, he stood there and looked at the doll for a bit longer. There was something different about it. He looked closer, leaning towards its face and staring into its eyes. Its eyes. Then he realised it, they were almost completely black. The once blue iris’ were now pure black. Jack’s father frowned in confusion. Then he gasped and stumbled back as the eyes snapped in his direction. He fell to the floor on his back, scrambling backwards to get away from the doll whose eyes were now following him across the room. Its head then slowly began turning towards him and its smile became even wider. The dad screamed as his back hit the wall. He pressed himself flat against it until he could barely breath. Then he heard a creaking above him and looked up. The screws of Jack’s ceiling decoration were being twisted and removed. One fell in the father’s lap. The pointed end of the decoration was hanging just above his head and as the last screw fell, the end pierced straight into the skull of Jack’s father. As he sat, gurgling in his own blood, Jack was still sleeping soundly merely a few meters away.

When Jack’s mother came in in the morning to check on him, she screamed and fell to the ground when she found her husband surrounded in a pool of blood on the floor. She rushed towards him and shook his shoulders, trying to wake him from the eternal slumber in which he was stuck. But there was no going back now. When she finally came to her senses, she took Jack and rushed him outside while she called an ambulance. While she waited for the emergency services to come, she went back into the room to look at her husband for one of the last times. As she sat on the child’s bed and looked at him, she noticed the santa doll wasn’t on the bedside table anymore. He was sitting in the blood next to her husband, a horrendous smile still plastered on its face, with blood and guts smeared all over it.

And then it winked at her.

There you go! I mean, it’s pretty cliche, but I tried. I don’t think it’s too bad. See you tomorrow!


Love always

Jags xxx




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