7.12.16 | Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys!

Jags Is Coming To Town #7 is here and this time we’re doing an ASOS clothing wishlist! Let’s go.

It’s summer here in Australia and I need some new bikinis, so I was looking online and I found two that I really like. The first is the First & I Crochet Detail Bikini Bottoms and the First & I Crochet Detail Bikini Top in the colour white. They’re super cute and I love the lacy crochet pattern. The bottoms are $24.00 and the top is $30.00 (Australian dollars).


Another bikini from ASOS that I thought was super cute was the River Island Crochet Bikini in white. I love the pattern on the top and I think it would maybe look nice on me. The bottoms are a bit too small and stringy looking for me, I would feel like my butt was hanging out, so I’d probably just buy some regular white coloured bottoms to match with it. The top is $4o.00 and the bottoms are $24.00.


Even though it’s summer now, I always end up not having enough tops for winter so I’m hoping to get some like this for christmas. This is the ASOS CROP Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt 3 Pack. So you get a pack of three shirts in black, white and grey. They’re really cute and would look great with jeans, shorts or pants so I think I would be using things like this all through autumn and winter. It’s $59.00 for the three tops all together.


I want more summer dresses for wearing to the beach over swimmers and just to go around in on hot days. So I had a look on ASOS and they had this really cute one that I thought would be great. It’s the ASOS PETITE Broderie Sundress with Strappy BackIt’s from the petite section but I think because I’m younger it will fit me anyway. It looks really flowy and comfy, perfect for summer. This is a bit expensive, $63.00, but it’s really nice.


I have two skirts that I saw and instantly loved. First is a black skater skirt called ASOS Mini Skater Skirt with Elastic Waist DetailIt would be perfect to wear with majority of the tops I have and I really need to something to wear my crop tops with because I have barely any skirts and I don’t like wearing shorts too often. So this is absolutely perfect. This is on sale at the moment so it’s $19.50 instead of $28.00.


The other skirt is the New Look Military Mini Skirt which is absolutely adorable! I love the buttons and the style. I think it’s a bit more dressy and stylish than the skater skirt so for going out or parties, things like that, I think this would be really good. This is $40.00.


I thought I should add something else in here so I thought some socks would be perfect. And of course when I saw CHRISTMAS themed socks I almost fell off my chair. First is these ASOS Christmas Tree Sock With Glitter And 3D WeltOH MY GOD. How cute are these? I love them so much. The little christmas tree and the bow and the baubles, just AH. It’s so freaking cute and I want it so bad. These are $7.00.


And the last item on my ASOS wishlist are these other socks. They are the ASOS Christmas Cracker 3 Pack Ankle SocksI love the little penguins and the snowmen. It’s so cute. I sent a picture of these and the christmas tree ones above to Kay with a caption saying ‘If you want to get me anything for christmas then get me these’ just as a joke then Kay was like ‘send me the link’ so I think I might be getting some socks for christmas! These are on sale at the price of $14.00, reduced from $20.00.


And there you go, that’s my wishlist! There was meant to be an action/adventure story today but I didn’t have much time to write a story so at the last minute I changed my mind and did this post instead. Hope you enjoyed!


Love always

Jags xxx




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