9.12.16 | Christmas Decoration Ideas

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing some decoration ideas for around your house, outside or just in your room.

This year in my room I’ve hung up some fairy lights shaped like stars around my desk. I just blu tacked them on how I liked them and then I was done! They look really cute and super christmassy. You could also put them around your bed frame or around your door or window.

Another way to make your room look more festive is to just hang or place tinsel everywhere like on shelves, between other decorations, around your bed. I weaved it in between some things on my desk, stuffed it in random places to make a little bunch, and hung it around my room.

You could also get some small baubles and regular sized ones and place them in your bunches of tinsel – which is what I did – or hang them from hooks or anywhere else that they’ll stay upright.

My aunty bought me these two little elves, one is a boy and the other is a girl, that have fake snow on them and little white hats and coats and everything. They’re like little dolls but they’re the type that you sit on the edge of a shelf or whatever and their legs hang down. It’s so cute and I love having them in my room so I put them next to some tinsel on one of my shelves.

To decorate around the house you can do so many things. The options are endless! This year we put tinsel on shelves, display cabinets, coffee tables, anywhere it looked cute basically. And then my mum and I put fairy lights around our front door and one of the windows in our house. I also found a smaller christmas tree that I decorated with tiny baubles and placed on our dining room table.

Of course, we have our big Christmas tree which I decorated with much joy.

Then outside we hung a long string of fairy lights on our front porch and put these kind of solar powered star lights in a big bush in the front garden. We didn’t do much outside because I live in a rural area so no one really sees it but it looks pretty cute the way it is!

If you want to see all these decorations I will be putting up a post filled with photos (or videos, not sure yet) of all my decorations later on in the month so you will get to see all my decorations then!

Hope you enjoyed and got a few tips out of this!


Love always

Jags xxx



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