12.12.16 | Christmas Time – A Christmas Poem

Hey guys!

In my school yearbook, a poem I wrote for an english assignment was included in the english section. I was told that it was really good so I thought that maybe today I could try writing a christmas poem! I’m sorry if this fails horribly, but I’ll make my best effort.

Warmth of the fire touching my toes,

Room covered in tinsel and bows.

Blizzards of white and such delight,

Makes the world a froze.


Frost nips at my skin,


And the children grin,

As they tumble in crystal ice.


Warm gingerbread on my tongue,

While decorations are hung,

To mask the world in joy.

But don’t be strung,

For when you’re young,

The world is a magical place.



The man in red and white,

Reindeer take off in flight,

The time is almost here.

It’s beginning to get bright,

There soon will be no night,

And Christmas will be right there.



Christmas may only last for one day,


And though we wish that day would stay,

That one day is enough.

For even if we pray,

The magic would begin to fray,

And there would be no more of that sleigh.


So cherish that one time of year,

When all your family is near.

Make it oh so special,

And keep alive that Christmas cheer.

Okay I’ll admit, that wasn’t very good. But I think it has a good message so I’ll post it anyway.


Love always

Jags xxx



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