14.12.16 | Santa’s Visitor

Hey guys!

I think this is going to be one of my favourite stories that I’ve written, it’s going to be like a children’s story. Hope you enjoy!

She woke to the sound of jingling. Her room was dark, lit only by the faint glow of the moon outside. Lucy jumped out of bed and ran to the window. The night was snowy and glowing, and down in the garden below sat nine horse-like creatures in front of what looked like a big red car. A man, shadows masking his face, leapt from the car and began walking towards the house with something hauled over his shoulder. Curious, Lucy quietly made her way downstairs where she hid behind the couch and watched as the man opened the back door and came inside. In the light from the fireplace, she could now see him properly. He had a fluffy white beard, rosy red cheeks and a big belly threatening his waistband. He was dressed in red and white with a big floppy hat on. Suddenly Lucy realised who this man was.

Santa Claus.

Santa stopped by the coffee table where Lucy had laid out gingerbread and milk for him earlier in the night. Then he turned to the christmas tree and began unpacking all of the packages wrapped in reds and greens with big golden bows. As he was unloading his sack, Lucy saw a red glow at the window coming from outside. She crawled across the floor to the back door which was still open slightly and leapt out into the cold night. Her bare feet made tiny imprints in the snow as she tiptoed across the icy floor. She began shivering as the cold swept underneath her pyjamas and into her hair. But she soon forgot all this when she what was sitting underneath her bedroom window. There on the ground, nipping at a carrot, was a big brown reindeer with a bright red nose. Lucy squealed softly in delight and slowly approached the big creature with her hand outstretched. The reindeer looked up and cocked its head at her, snorting snow from its nostrils. Lucy giggled at that and the reindeer seemed to smile. It dropped its carrot and stood to greet her, nudging its head towards her hand. She patted his soft fur, then turned and looked toward what she thought had been a car. But now she knew that it was a sleigh. A big red shiny magical sleigh. There was sacks upon sacks of presents piled in the back and in the front seat were odd contraptions of all shapes and sizes. Without hesitation, Lucy climbed aboard to study the mechanics. Then when she became bored of that, she leaped into the back and began ruffling through all the presents. She found a soft tartan blanket near the bottom and as soon as she touched it, her eyes became droopy. Before she could realise it, Lucy was fast asleep, nestled in a hidden corner of the sleigh.

The rest of Santa’s journey was undisturbed that night. After England, he traveled to Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, and all the way to Australia. At the end of the night, back in the North Pole, Santa climbed off his sleigh and left the rest of the unpacking and cleaning to the elves as he always did on Christmas. Santa set off to his house where he was greeted by Mrs Claus and a mountain of food. Meanwhile, Lucy was still tucked up in the sleigh sleeping soundly. But as the elves began unhooking the reindeer and cleaning up the sacks left in the sleigh, her hiding spot was discovered. An elf by the name of Candy was lifting a sack and noticed a little foot sticking out from underneath it. And sure enough, when he lifted it, there was little Lucy rugged up in her stolen blanket. Candy screamed and stumbled back.

‘What on earth are you doing here?’ he whimpered.

Lucy awoke and saw the elf in a corner, shuddering. She smiled at him and got up to say hello.

‘Stay back! I’m warning you! Humans aren’t meant to be in the North Pole, you know.’

‘The North Pole?’ Lucy said.

‘Yes, the North Pole,’ Candy said sarcastically, ‘Where else would we be?’

Lucy climbed up from the sleigh and looked around her. There was ice everywhere and the reindeer were now being led to their barn.

‘B-b-but I have to go home. Mummy and daddy will be worrying about me. And I need to get my presents!’

‘Well you shouldn’t have come in the first place then.’

Candy stood and continued with his work while Lucy began to cry. As he beant over to pick up a sack, a tear fell on his hand and he looked up at the sobbing girl. Candy sighed.

‘There, there. It’ll be alright. We’ll find you a way home.’

‘Really?’ she asked, her eyes brightening.

‘Yes, of course. But for now, lets go find you a place to stay. We’ll figure things out in the morning.’

Lucy nodded and followed the elf from the sleigh and into the town of the North Pole.

I’m going to leave it there otherwise it’s going to be too long, but rest assured, I will finish it at another date.

Hope you liked it!


Love always

Jags xxx



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