21.12.16 | DIY Gift Ideas

Hey guys!

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m sorry.

Today I thought I’d try out some DIYS that I got off YouTube, Pinterest, basically anything that I thought was cool.

The first one is super simple and would be such a cute present for a friend, girlfriend or family member (I think it appeals more to girls but if you know a guy who likes stuff like this then don’t hesitate to give it to him!). So you have a couple of options with this, if you have one of those adult colouring books and there’s a sheet that you really like in there then you can use that, or you can go online and find one that you like and print it off so you can colour it, or find one online that is already coloured in and print it off.



If you’re colouring it yourself then just colour in the design to how you like it or tailor it towards whoever you’re giving it to, I chose to do mine like this.


Once you’re done colouring then you can go online again and print off a quote that you think sums up your relationship with that person or just a quote that the person really likes. So make it the perfect size so it fits in the middle and cut it out. You can either stick that one with glue or just blutack it on.


If you have a frame that this will fit into, or if you want to go out and buy one, it would look super cute and would be perfect for the person so they can hang it on their wall. This is super inexpensive and a really cute gift. I would be so happy to receive something like this!



This next one is a sugar lip scrub. All you need is sugar, a small jar, peppermint oil or essence, red food colouring, and canola, vegetable or sunflower oil.

Fill your jar with sugar and then tip it out into a bowl. Depending on how much sugar you used, add your oil until it looks like a kind of a semi dry scrub.

Mix that in. Add a few drops of peppermint oil (I didn’t have any oil so I used peppermint essence) and mix it in. Then divide your mixture evenly into two bowls and add a few drops of red food colouring into one of them. Mix that together.

I added a bit much to mine so it was a very intense red but I like it like that. If you want you can maker lighter or darker, it’s your choice. Now place a layer of regular mixture at the bottom of your jar then a red layer on top. Then put another white layer and another red until you run out. It should look kind of like a candy cane!

I only did four layers because my jar was pretty small but I think it’s enough. After I finished and took photos I actually tried it out and surprisingly it kind of works! I think it’s meant to moisturise (the oil will do that) and scrub off any dead skin (the purpose of the sugar) and the peppermint just smells and tastes nice, though I don’t advice eating it.



The last DIY I tried was not as successful as the others. I did a test run and it worked pretty well but then when I went to do it properly it started stuffing up. So this one is like a christmas tree stencil which you can make yourself (which I unsuccessfully did) or buy one. And you use the stencil to paint christmas trees on pillows, pencil cases, cards, literally anything you want to. I thought this would be really easy and cute but when I got to the bit of painting and then taking off the stencil, it kept leaking through so that my christmas trees looked a bit deformed. So if you’re going to make one of these then I strongly recommend buying a stencil. But I’ll show you a few attempts I made. This one is the ones that failed.


The second is absolutely PERFECT but unfortunately it’s on a scrap piece of paper.


And then the last one is when I just gave up and started creating something random that I thought would look cool, and would’ve if it had worked.


In the end I managed to kind of throw something together on this card, so I guess I got something out of it.


And yes my foot is in the bottom of that picture along with my super comfy cow socks. I can feel your judgement already.


Hope you enjoyed that and got a few ideas!


Love always

Jags xxx


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