22.12.16 | Christmas Card Making

Hey guys!

I’m just going to show you how to make some cute christmas cards because it’s something I love to do. Hope you like it!

The first card I made was for my mum. She likes cute simple stuff so I decided to use this paper with a few sparkles, stockings, candy canes and other little pictures on it. I got this big booklet of christmas paper from a craft store and it’s super cute. It has heaps of designs that I think tailor to everyone.


So then I got these card templates and envelopes from Kmart I think, but you should be able to find them in most store craft sections. And I basically measured out the card and then cut the paper out so it would fit perfectly on the front and back. If you don’t want to cut it and measure it then you could also fold the paper over the card and glue it on then just trim the edges which might be easier for some people.


Then I found this page in the booklet of paper that has some little things to cut out and stick on the card. So I got this one that says Merry Christmas because I think the red went nicely with the theme and it looked really cute.


So I stuck that on and then wrote my little message inside. Obviously your message is just whatever you want to say to that person, I just thanked her for being a great mum and told her to have a good christmas day.


After that I thought the other side of the card looked a bit blank and I didn’t really know what to put there but I just ended up drawing a few love hearts.


And that’s the first one done!



This next one was for my dad. I wanted to use a paper that was a bit more masculine so I decided to go with this tartan design which I think he would like.


So again I just measured it out, cut it, and then stuck it on.


As a little picture on the front, I cut out this tag that says XMAS off of the sheet in my booklet and just stuck it onto the front.


Again, I just wrote my message to my dad and then cut out another little thing from my booklet and stuck it on the other page and wrote Merry Christmas! in it.

And those were the cards I made this year! I hope you liked my designs, I thought they were pretty cute, and of course if you want to create something a bit different Pinterest has heaps of things that you could draw inspiration from.

It’s getting close to Christmas!


Love always

Jags xxx


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