Blog Anniversary!

Hey guys!

I was just cruising along in the car when I looked at the date and for some reason my mind wandered to my blog and I just went ‘oh shit it was the anniversary is today’ and instantly pulled up my reminders on my phone so I wouldn’t forget my beloved blogs birthday. I know I’ve been away for a little while but I’m on holidays okay? And I don’t have wifi. So don’t blame me, blame my nan for not having wifi. 

But do not be sad, for Jags is back for today to reminisce with you about all the ups and downs (which there honestly weren’t many of) of this wonderful, wonderful blog.

I started Jags Online on January 4th 2016 when I was bored as fuck during the holidays and had nothing better to do. I saw some popular youtubers had blogs and I was like ‘woah I could do that!’ And so became Jags Online. I posted my first post (it’s super cringey and I regret what I said deeply. No stop please don’t go look at it. NO WAIT! *sigh* okay fine, laugh at my former embarrassing self) but I do not at all regret starting this blog. It has became my prized possession. The one thing I would save in a fire – if it was actually an object I could hold and not a website on the Internet – BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER I WOULD SAVE IT ANYWAY. About half way through my blogs life, I decided I didn’t like the name Jags Online so I changed it to just Jags. I was already becoming know as Jags so I didn’t want to completely change my name and confuse people but I thought Jags Online was a bit shit. I started making my (very inconsistent) posts (not that I’m any more consistent now *shameful laugh*. I’m sorry) and I gained so many wonderful friends as I started desperately trolling through WordPress in search of followers. When I received my first EVER comment from Penny – now one of my best friends – I was absolutely delighted that someone was actually reading and enjoying my content. And now, a full year later, with 70 something amazing followers, I am still creating shitty, ironic content that I really really really enjoy creating. I think 2017 is going to be a great year for this blog. I hope to gain a bigger audience (although size doesn’t really matter) and create better content than I ever have before. I want to be more consistent in my blogging, and yes I can here you laughing at me through this screen but I will truly and honestly try to post every week. And to achieve this I’ve decided that I’m going to make a schedule. For my regular posts, I will post on Sunday’s and occasionally you might get an odd post if something exciting has happened or I just need to vent. I also want to become more involved in the blogging community. I’ve tried to participate in loads of blogging events like Blogwarts…that’s really all I can think of so point proven I guess. And I hope to get in touch with a lot more bloggers to do collabs, or just interact with them to get to know my fellow writers more.
I wish you all a wonderful 2017 and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog for 2016, whether you joined on my first post or my (failed) blogmas posts.

I’m also hoping to redesign my whole blog. I feel I need to switch it up a little and just have a design that I really like. A lot of my other designs I’ve gotten sick of pretty quick but I want to pick one that I really like and stick with it for at least a year. 
I love you all and I hope to see you for bigger and better posts in the new year!!!
Oh and by the way I’m on holidays in melbourne at the moment so don’t expect any posts for a little while. My blogging plans seem to be going down the toilet before they’ve even begun.

But don’t fear! I have a lot of ideas that I’m excited to share with you when I get back home, some that I’ve already started working on. I’ll give you a little hint with an emoji: 📽
Okay, that was more of a big hint than a little hint but that doesn’t matter.
Alright I’ve been babbling on for long enough now so I’m going to go.
Enjoy your week and have a good day.
And as always…

Love always, Jags xx


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