My Insecurities

Insecurities suck. Everyone has them. But everyone’s are different. Let me tell you a few of mine. 
– My ribs

Yes, my ribs. You may be thinking, ‘But Jags, what is there to hate about ribs?’ Well you just sit your pretty little butt down and I’ll tell you. 

My ribs stick out. And I don’t mean they stick out just a little bit. They stick out a LOT. They stick out so much it almost looks like I’ve got a second pair of boobs. And it makes me look really weird when I wear bikinis. So yeah I hate that. 
– My boobs

We mentioned my little babies just a minute ago and I thought we’d come back to them. My boobs are really small. Like, I’m an A cup, and I can fit into a B if I really really want to. Literally only a couple of months ago I was getting excited because the area between my boobs was now elevated when I had a top on. You have no idea how good that felt. And all my friends have really big boobs. Like C cup and D cup. So a lot of the time I feel really self conscious around them. But they always say that they wish they had small boobs so I guess I’m lucky in a way. 
– My chin (or chins, depending on how the day’s going)

I can pull a mean double chin (who are we kidding it’s more like a quadruple chin) but one of my fears is that I will have a double chin unintentionally. Like I’ll be sitting on the bus and cute guys will walk on and then one will sit next to me and I’ll look down at my phone and open snapchat and then BAM. There it is. The big whopper. 
– My arms

My arms are soooo flabby. I could probably work out and then they’d be toned as fuck, but who has the time for that? I only noticed this a couple of days ago when I was taking pictures for my haul and try on post (which you should see soon). As you can see in a few pictures, I was hiding my arms behind my back because they just looked so big. Eventually I sucked it up and just posed but urgh it annoyed me. And you know when you lean on your arm when your sitting and the crack in your elbow bit kinda looks like a butt? Well I always get really insecure about the forearm bit where it smooshes on your elbow. It just looks so flabby and fat. I hate it. 
– My thighs

I’m not even going to go into this very much because this is literally every girl ever. But it just makes me feel so fat and flabby when I sit down and my thighs smoosh out and touch each other and jrienshcienUkwmawojfnshlqbehdhx sorry just vomited on the keyboard. 
And now my biggest insecurity of all…

– My stomach

OKAY OKAY I HERE YOU ALL SIGHING AND BE LIKING SHUT UP YOUR PROBABLY SUPER SKINNY AND PERFECT (and I’m not arguing πŸ˜‰ )BUT SERIOUSLY MY STOMACH IS LIKE A MOUNTAIN RANGE. It’s so lumpy and big and bloated it just makes me wanna vomit. Probably every girl ever hates their stomach but it makes me feel so shit when I see girls on Instagram from my school with flat stomachs and toned bodies while I’m sitting there eating 5 snickers bars. Okay we delve too deep into my extremely depressing life there, let’s stop now. 

Trust me, I have a lot more insecurities than this but I won’t bore you with them today. Maybe next month I can bombard you with horrific imagery of my slightly gappy teeth or my out of control blackheads. 

Do you have any insecurities? If so, feel free to rant in the comments. 

Jags xx


7 thoughts on “My Insecurities

  1. Everyone has things that they hate about their bodies, I hate about 90% of mine. But it’s important to not let those insecurities define you and lead your life as that will make you unhappy and can lead to destructive behaviour. Learn to love what you have and you will accept your insecurities

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    • What good philosophy you have! And I completely agree. We all just need to suck it up and accept our insecurities because in reality everyone hates at least one part of their body so we shouldn’t be nervous to have them. Everyone does and everyone should so let’s all just be nice to each other.
      Wow that got super deep haha!

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