The Rude Chick At The Restaurant

My mother, sister and I had a little outing the other night where we went to see the sequel to Red Dog. It was a good movie and afterwards we went to a dumpling restaurant. It was super busy and so the only spare table was right at the very back in the corner. We thought, well we waited for this table so we might as well stay and eat some food. So we sat down and all was well until the nice couple next to us left and three people were led to the now empty table. The minute I saw them I knew I was in for a treat. One of them was small and petite with crappy dyed red hair and a caked face of makeup. The second had an extremely high ponytail, was slightly overweight and smelled incredibly of b.o. And lastly there was, I’m not even sure if this was a guy or a girl, the one with the three lip piercings, the two nose rings, the eyebrow rings, the bleached blonde pink tips hair, backwards cap, freckly one. Basically, they were bogans. 

Surprisingly, the pierced pink haired one wasn’t the most annoying of them all. No, no, the most frustrating was the bad makeup girl. We’ll call her Cake Face. 

The minute she sat down, she was rude to the waiter. Cake Face didn’t even say thank you when she showed them to her table. The three of them picked up their menus and instantly knew what they wanted. Most people take 5 or 10 minutes to pick out what they want to eat and the waiters offer that time but oh no, the minute they sat down they expected to be waited on. Obviously the waiters didn’t come instantly and so Cake Face sighed and began waving around and clicking her fingers at waiters. As they should have, they ignored her and continued with their work. She sighed and complained to her friends about such bad service, when she had only been there for 2 minutes. Eventually she gave up the clicking and actually got up and interrupted a poor girl who was cleaning up a table, exclaiming that they were ‘ready to order now’. I could see the waiter rolling her eyes in her mind but she just nodded and told her someone would come in a minute. I watched as the table cleaner told a waiter of their request and as she pointed at the table they both laughed at something she’d said and I secretly applauded them for making fun of these rude people. So they ordered and everything was fine for a while but then they started taking selfies. And a couple of selfies is okay but they were taking hundreds. And not only selfies, they were actually getting up from their chairs to take photos of each other and standing in the middle of the walkway as waiters with plates and people going to the bathroom tried to get past. 

I kind of listened in on their conversation for a bit and heard Cake Face say that it was so nice to not have to be the waiter for once. I was astounded that this girl was a waiter. Based on how she treated other waiters and how she acted when anyone was even mildly dismissive to her, I doubted she would appreciate a customer treating her like she was treating this restaurants employees.

Finally their food arrived but they were still waiting on some dumplings. And Cake Face was so impatient that she couldn’t wait one minute for the waiter to come out with them and she just HAD to look around pointedly and wave for a waiter. She got another waiter who was obviously busy to go and get the dumplings. Their original waiter came back out with them and I could tell she was tempted to just throw them in Cake Face’s cakey face. She threw them down on the table and walked away before Cake Face could say a word. 

After we had eaten and they had eaten, I was quite interested in what Cakey had to say and I found myself staring at her for quite a while. I watched as she was rude to countless people, and yes I know staring is rude but it’s like watching the aftermath of a car crash – it’s horrid but difficult to turn away. Finally, after getting the out of her chair yet again to confront a waiter, she glanced at me and caught me staring at her. Now she could’ve just ignored this and continued on with her conversation but instead she sat down dramatically, sighed, propped her chin on her knuckles and said to her friend ‘you know what I hate? When people stare at you for no apparent reason’. I wanted to get out of my chair, slap her and yell into her face ‘NO APPARENT REASON? YOU’VE BEEN HARASSING WAITERS ALL NIGHT AND BEEN RUDE TO EVERYONE WHO’S COME INTO CONTACT WITH YOU. I THINK THATS A PRETTY APPARENT REASON’. Sadly I didn’t do that and just diverted my stare to a spot above her head so it looked like I was looking at the specials board. Finally, these bloody bogans left and my family and I were left to complain about their rudeness and horrific b.o. 

But at least the food was good. 

Life lesson everyone; don’t be rude to people because there’s this little thing called karma. Google it. 

Jags xx


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