Back At School

I’m on the bus at the moment returning from my first day back at school for 2017. Going in to the first day, I was quite excited. It’s always nice to see everyone again and find out what teachers you have and get your timetable. But as I soon figured out, for majority of my classes I really know anyone. Most of the people I’m in classes with are people I either don’t like or people that I just wouldn’t get along with that closely. I have ash in maths, science and geography and I also have another friend in food tech, two sort of acquaintances to hang out with in PE and a friend from my PC in textiles (who I’m pretty sure has closer friends in that class and won’t sit with me). We only had four periods today because we had assembly in the first two so I haven’t actually been to al my classes yet and I don’t know who’s in a lot of my classes. But today I had English, long PC (basically 50 minutes we spend doing nothing), and double PE. 


Alright so I didn’t get to finish that last entry, but I’m on the bus again after another day at school. It’s been pretty good so far. I’m happy with all of my teachers, except my English teacher who I fucking hate with a passion. I had her in year 7 and I despise her now as much as I did then. On Wednesday I had maths in period one, geography is period 2, science in period 3, PE in period 4, religion in period 5 then English in period 6. Today I had double textiles in period 1 and 2, maths in period 3, geography in period 4, food tech in period 5, and religion in period 6. My geography teacher (I’ll just call my teacher by they’re surname initial) mrs A is sooooo cute and optimistic and I love her so much. Mrs D who’s my science teacher I think is going to teach us really well and she isn’t too bad of a person either. I mean she isn’t willy wonka but she’s nice enough. For maths I have mr R who seems like an amazing teacher. For me, if I don’t have a good teacher then I learn basically nothing but this year I think I’m gonna do pretty well cause mr R is so nice and funny but he also has really good teaching techniques. PE I have mr C who is also my house coordinator and he’s so great. He’s one of those teachers who makes loads of dad jokes and is like real mates with students. For religion I have mrs H and she’s so cuuuuute!! She’s like a little old lady and she tells us all about her life and like what she does on the weekends and stuff it’s so cute and nice. I love listening to her talk as well. Most of the time I find religion really uninteresting but for some reason and I’m not really a strong catholic, I mean I know I believe in something but i’m not really sure what it is yet. But I love just listening to her speak about something. I think she’s a bloody genius. My textiles teacher mrs P is also super nice. She’s one of those mum kind of teachers who loves everyone and is really caring. She’s real good at sewing as well so I’m happy with her. For some reason my food tech teacher mrs F (which is actually what we all call her anyway haha) is actually a PE teacher but apparently she teaches food tech now. Anyway I love her she’s so nice and she’s so easy to get on with. I feel like she’s my age and we’re friends in the same class instead of her being a teacher. 

So yeah my classes are good and school is pretty good. The only thing ruining school at the moment is my anxiety but we can talk about that another time. 

Also, have you noticed the change on my blog….????


In case you were wondering who designed this bloody wonderful thing, then go over and check out Mahriya’s blog. She does AMAZING blog re-vamps and creates all these little things for you and it’s such an amazing idea and she’s super good at it so if you’re thinking of changing up your blog a bit then definitely go check her out. 

All the credit goes to her so don’t compliment me on it, compliment her!

Anyway, hope you guys are well. Have a great February and look forward to my post on the 17th about ed sheerans birthday (yes I’m obsessed shhhhh). 

Jags xx


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