The Stay Strong Tag

So most of you will know by now that Penny and I are very close friends and have been for a while now. And so when she plotted the idea of the Stay Strong Tag to me I instantly wanted to do it.

And so here we go! This is the Stay Strong Tag by Penny!

The rules:

  1. Put the Supergirl (or Superman if you are a guy) logo/image on the post
  2. Mention the creator of the tag and provide a link as well
  3. Tag 3 people to do this tag and let them know that they’ve been nominated

There are multiple ways you can do this tag. These are the options:

  1. Talk about your own experience with suicidal thoughts and how you got through it and tips on how you got through it
  2. Even if you haven’t gotten through it, talk about it. Tell people your problems to show other people they aren’t alone
  3. Talk about if you knew someone who tried to commit suicide or actually went through with it
  4. Even if you don’t know anyone personally and you yourself haven’t gone through this, share some tips you might have anyways. Or make a post dedicated to people who have these thoughts and how you care

You guys know about an experience I had with suicide recently, where a girl in my grade tried to kill herself. Thankfully, she was unsuccessful. I have a few other short stories about suicide that I’d like to share with you today.

A few years ago my mum attended a funeral for one of her friends sons who committed suicide. It was so sad and my mum was really upset for days before and after the funeral. Then a few months later another of her friends daughters committed suicide. She was 8 months pregnant and jumped off the top storey of a building. I’m pretty sure she was schizophrenic and the voices in her head were telling her to do it or something like that. As you can imagine, this was a really sad time for my mum because there had now been two suicides in a span of about 5 months.

Another attempted suicide I remember is when I was in year 7. We had a school assembly in the auditorium so everyone was in there for about an hour. When we came out there was police out the front of the school and an ambulance. A load of teachers were standing there as well and there was someone sitting in the back of the ambulance in our school uniform. Later we found out that a year 11 at our school had skipped the assembly to go out to the busy road in front of our school to jump in front of a car. Somehow, she survived. The car must’ve swerved of it didn’t hit her properly, but she thankfully was okay and had basically no injuries.

You guys mostly know about my temptations for suicide and self harm so I won’t tell you any stories about myself. But I will give you some tips that I use and I’m hoping can help anyone struggling.

  • Surround yourself with people who love you

Don’t hang around toxic people who make you feel bad about yourself. Be with people who make you feel happy and wanted. Whether it be your mum, your sister, your best friend, a teacher, your cat, just talk to them and hang out with them whenever you’re feeling down. For me, those people are Ash and Kay, my mum and sister, and of course Penny. They make me feel like I matter and it really helps to boost your self confidence.

  • Write down your thoughts

For me, I have this wonderful blog to vent my anger and depression to but many don’t have that. You can write down your thoughts in a diary, in a story, a poem, an email to a therapist or friend, anywhere you feel comfortable getting your thoughts out.

  • Do things to distract you

If you’re having a really bad day, do something that requires your whole attention. I sometimes paint, draw, read, run, write blog posts, do online shopping, play games, watch movies, just anything that diverts your attention.

  • Find a friend you can talk to

I don’t particularly like to talk about these things to Ash and Kay because I feel that they don’t really understand. And when I talk to them about it, it seems like they don’t know what to say or do. The responses they give seem half-hearted and awkward, like they want to move onto another topic which is really not helpful. So I talk to Penny. She is what keeps me going. Whenever I feel like I’m actually going to do it, I email or message Penny and she helps me and comforts me. If she wasn’t in my life I might not be here now. I can talk to her about absolutely anything, and because we don’t know each other in real life, it feels like it doesn’t matter what I tell her because who is she going to tell? It’s like having a diary that talks back to you haha.

  • See a therapist or talk to someone who can help

If you depression is getting REALLY bad then I would highly recommend that you talk to a teacher, a parent, a guardian, a sibling, a school counsellor, anyone who can help you to get back on track. Not everyone can handle therapy and that’s okay but having someone there who can really help you might just save your life one day. Think in the long run and know that whoever you tell is not going to judge or hate you for your mental illness.

I hope you found those tips helpful and I really really hope you all know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. If you’re struggling, email me (you can find my email in  my contacts page) and you can talk to me as much as you want.

And lastly, the three people I’m going to tag are:

This tag is open to everyone though, so if you’re not tagged here, please feel free to do it anyway!

Thank you, all my lovely readers, for always being there for me. So now, I’m always going to be here for you.

Suicide hotline (australia only): 13 11 14

Lifeline website:

Emergency services (australia only): 000

Jags xxxx


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