My (New) Religion And Beliefs

Religion is something that I change my mind about a lot. I wrote a post a while ago about how I believed in God but my own version of God. Now, I don’t really believe in god anymore. I’ve never really believed in Jesus. I mean, I think he was a real person but I highly doubt he did half the stuff it says he did in the bible. In my opinion, a lot of the bible is just fiction. They’re stories made to teach a lesson and a moral, not to recount real events that happened. 

Jonah didn’t get swallowed by a whale, Daniel didn’t survive the lions den, and Jesus didn’t come back from the dead. Of course this is just in my opinion, and if you feel differently that’s totally fine, but this is what I believe. 

I think I believe more in the historical aspects of Christianity. Things that seem realistic and could actually happen. I find that stuff really interesting.

Even though I do believe in the more historical stuff, I do kind of believe in angels and demons and god. It may not be the stereotypical kind of angel and demon but I think it is a real thing. 

I think demons aren’t really big black clouds of smoke going round and possessing people and creating trauma, I think that demons are more a kind of temptation. You may have heard that phrase used, facing your demons, and I guess that’s kind of what I’m talking about. It’s like an evil being that tempts you or lures you into doing something you probably shouldn’t do. For example, when someone shoplifts, it could be like a demon luring you into doing that. 

And angels I think are much the same. Angels would be like an invisible being that guide you and help you towards good. I think perhaps that they can kind of save you as well. Like if you’re in a situation of suicide and you overdose, the angel could help you to stay alive and recover. 

Religion is something I’ve always found confusing and a bit debatable and I will probably change my views on religion for as long as I’m alive. 

I used to think religion was stupid. That it was all fake and I could never believe in any of it because it was so debatable and nothing was really for sure. Then at another point I thought that I believed in absolutely everything and it was all real. Then I kind of believed in my own version of religion, which some of I still agree with, but a lot of I don’t. 

Like I said in my last post about religion, god is not there to save you when you get into shit. God is there to guide you and give you a kind of advice when you’re in desperate times. Gods there to love and appreciate everyone, not discriminate. And for sure, God is not there to fix up the stupid decisions that us bloody humans make. God isn’t obliged to clean up the oceans or stop wars. Even though god is supposedly (I don’t believe in this aspect of Christianity) the creator of the world, that doesn’t mean god has to clean up our mistakes. 

So yeah, that’s some of my opinions on religion and what I believe in. 

I understand not everyone will believe in this and that’s fine. Some people are Buddhist, some are hindu, some are Jewish, some are atheist, some are full blown Christian and it doesn’t matter what or who you are, everything you stand for and believe in is right. Unless you’re some crazy satanic terrorist religion, and in that case no I don’t think you’re right and please stop summoning demons to the world. Sam and Dean Winchester do enough of that already. 

Jags xx


9 thoughts on “My (New) Religion And Beliefs

  1. Ah I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a lot of spiritual stuff happen to me but certain things about any one religion make me question it so I’ve been kind of in the dark about the whole thing. I can identify with a lot of what you said though! This was a really interesting post

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