Clothes I’ve Been Loving This Month

Over the Easter holidays I bought a few items of clothing that I am absolutely in love with at the moment so I thought I’d share some of my favourite items of clothing right now. I’ll leave some links along the way to the websites if they still have them in stock. Keep in mind that all the prices and sizes are in Australian dollars and sizes.



The first thing is these overall shorts. I got these a while ago, around November last year but I’ve been wearing them so often since then that I had to put them in this. It’s going into winter here in Australia so I probably won’t be wearing this too often in the coming months but you can be assured that as soon as the weather starts getting warmer these will be coming out of the closet. This is from Cotton On and I think, from memory, is a size medium and was $40.


The second item is this palazzo jumpsuit that I recently picked up from Factorie. This is honestly the favourite thing in my closet at the moment. It’s so beautiful and it fits perfectly on me. It’s high waisted which I LOVE. Literally anything high waisted is perfect. The fabric feels so nice and the way it flows around the legs is absolutely beautiful. And the legs stop a bit below your knee which is also pretty cool and different. I also like how it’s not denim, I feel like so many people just wear denim these days and it’s nice to mix it up a bit. This is in a size 10 and was $49.95. You can find it here: 


Another item I got from Factorie was this off the shoulder top. I love the colour, it’s kind of a nude pink which is just adorable. When I was trying it on in the shop I paired it with the jumpsuit above and it was so cute I honestly loved it. I’ll definitely be wearing it like that again. I love the ribbed style on clothes as well, I think it’s super cute and I’ve wanted an off the shoulder top like this for so long so I’m really happy with this buy. I got this in a size medium for $19.95. Find it here:


This is probably one of my favourite things that I’ve ever bought. This is a tbar shirt and it is SO fucking cute. I saw this as I was walking through Cotton On and I literally stopped and was like I NEED THAT. It’s so comfy and baggy but it’s so cute as well. I love the little quote and the colour OH MY GOD THE COLOUR. It’s literally the best thing ever. I can’t even explain how much I love this. It’s a chopped tee and I it got in a size medium for $19.95.


I’ve had this shirt for a while so I’m not sure where it’s from or how much it was but I just really love wearing it with jeans, skirts, my overalls, basically anything because it literally works with so many things. It’s kind of sheer so that can be a problem sometimes but I love the little pocket and the colour. I’m just in love with anything pink at the moment, it’s one of my favourite colours. I have a white shirt just like this except the pocket has little peace signs on it instead which is really cute.


I got these jeans from Kmart and I was pleasantly surprised by how good quality they were. I’d been looking for some mid rise mum jeans for so long in that kind of light blue coloured denim so when I saw this in Kmart I was just like YES. And when I tried them on I just instantly wanted them. They are SO comfortable but they also look really cute. I love to roll the cuffs of the jeans up and wear them with my sneakers (which you’ll see later) and it just looks amazing. I got these in a size 12 for $20. Find them here:


Another thing I picked up from Cotton On as this bomber jacket. I’d been looking for a cute bomber jacket for ages and when I saw this one I knew that it would be perfect. It’s so comfy and warm and I LOVE the rusty red colour, it’s so freaking cuuuute. I find that a lot of bomber jackets can look really puffy and weird like an eskimo jacket but this one isn’t like that at all and it’s so adorbale. This was in a size 12 and was $59.95. I couldn’t find a link to the one in this particular colour but here’s the one to the black one: 


I really wanted another pair of skinny jeans, but in a unique colour and my mum saw these ones and made me try them on. At first I was skeptical but once I had them on I actually really liked them. They’re pretty tight and skinny and the fabric is a bit uncomfortable if you wear them for too long but they look amazing so, you know, beauty is pain. The colour is like a really vibrant blue and it’s a little bit distressed around the knee which looks really cool and gives a bit of dimension to the fabric. They do fall down my butt a bit when I sit down because they’re mid rise (and my butt is way too big for normal clothing ha yay go me) but it’s fine as long as no one can see your butt crack. These are a size 12 and were $29.95. Find them here: 


Another thing from Factorie is this high waisted denim skirt. This is really really cute and I can wear it in winter as well with stocking and jacket so it’s literally perfect for any weather. It’s pretty short but it’s alright as long as you don’t bend over. I really like the fit and the cut of it. Like the bottom isn’t hemmed so it has those like little stringy bits that come off and I think that it gives it a really cool look. This is in a size 10 and I’m not sure what I got this for because unfortunately I lost the reciept.


Okay, last one, I promise! I got these shoes from Cotton On a while ago which I LOVE. They’re so freaking cute. They’re meant to look like converse but they were way way cheaper than actual converse. They’ve got this cute lacy flower pattern on them in a creamy colour. The only problem with that is that they get really dirty, as you can see. I’m pretty sure these are a size 7 and were around $20.


Well there you go! Sorry for such a long post but I really love showing off all the stuff I wear. Fashion is something I really interested in so if you’d like to see more posts like this then go ahead and let me know and I’ll do some more.



15.12.16 | What I Want For Christmas

Hey guys!

So earlier in december I did an ASOS wishlist and I really enjoyed doing that. So I thought I would do more of a christmas wishlist with some things that I want.

First is going to be some artsy stuff. If you didn’t know, I love to paint and draw so for this christmas I asked for some new paints! I have most colours but there are some that are running out and some that I just don’t have. There’s a shop in a shopping centre in my city where they sell heaps of homeware and art stuff. I got lots of my good paints from there so I wrote down a list of the ones that I want:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Brown
  • Basic green
  • Basic blue

Hopefully I get some of those!


I also need a new paint pallette. The one I’m using at the moment is literally from when I was little and used to do crappy hand paintings and shit. So I desperately need a new, and preferably bigger, one.


I need way more summer clothes so I asked my mum to just go all out and buy anything she thought would look nice on me. I specifically requested:

  • jumpsuits
  • summer dresses
  • shorts
  • tank tops
  • t-shirts
  • singlets
  • sandals

I also asked for a bikini but she said she didn’t know what to get so I think I’ll just buy one myself.


I know you’re going to think I’m weird for saying this but I LOVE to exercise. I know, I know, I’m sorry, I’m one of those weird people. But while I’m exercising I like to be properly dressed. But I literally have like nothing to wear. I have some 3/4 length workout pants and I use them in winter but I need some shorts for summer. I also asked for a sports bra to wear under singlets and stuff.

Running Bare Women's Vixen Crop Top

Asana Women's Moulded Cross Back Bra

Running Bare Women's High Rise Sport Tights


Unsurprisingly, I asked for a LOT of books. If you’ve seen my booklist, it’s GIANT. Literally, you have to scroll down for a solid minute. So I asked for a variety of books.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Every Last Word
  • Because You’ll Never Meet Me
  • The Secrets We Keep
  • Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between

I’m sure I asked for more but I can’t remember them all.


I’m getting an iPhone 6 for christmas to replace my crappy iPhone 4. So I need a new phone case. Sportsgirl have some really nice ones so I asked for one from there. I just had a look online and I found some that I really like.



I think the black and white marble one is my favourite.


Relating back to my artsy stuff, I also needed a new sketch book. I have a little one that I take with me on holidays but I also have a big ass A3 one that always sits on my desk. It’s almost filled up and I desperately need a new one! The one below is the one I have now.

Image result for A3 sketchbook kaisercraft


That’s all I’m going to share with you today, but I hope you enjoyed!


(Holy crap it’s getting close!!)

Love always

Jags xxx



7.12.16 | Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys!

Jags Is Coming To Town #7 is here and this time we’re doing an ASOS clothing wishlist! Let’s go.

It’s summer here in Australia and I need some new bikinis, so I was looking online and I found two that I really like. The first is the First & I Crochet Detail Bikini Bottoms and the First & I Crochet Detail Bikini Top in the colour white. They’re super cute and I love the lacy crochet pattern. The bottoms are $24.00 and the top is $30.00 (Australian dollars).


Another bikini from ASOS that I thought was super cute was the River Island Crochet Bikini in white. I love the pattern on the top and I think it would maybe look nice on me. The bottoms are a bit too small and stringy looking for me, I would feel like my butt was hanging out, so I’d probably just buy some regular white coloured bottoms to match with it. The top is $4o.00 and the bottoms are $24.00.


Even though it’s summer now, I always end up not having enough tops for winter so I’m hoping to get some like this for christmas. This is the ASOS CROP Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt 3 Pack. So you get a pack of three shirts in black, white and grey. They’re really cute and would look great with jeans, shorts or pants so I think I would be using things like this all through autumn and winter. It’s $59.00 for the three tops all together.


I want more summer dresses for wearing to the beach over swimmers and just to go around in on hot days. So I had a look on ASOS and they had this really cute one that I thought would be great. It’s the ASOS PETITE Broderie Sundress with Strappy BackIt’s from the petite section but I think because I’m younger it will fit me anyway. It looks really flowy and comfy, perfect for summer. This is a bit expensive, $63.00, but it’s really nice.


I have two skirts that I saw and instantly loved. First is a black skater skirt called ASOS Mini Skater Skirt with Elastic Waist DetailIt would be perfect to wear with majority of the tops I have and I really need to something to wear my crop tops with because I have barely any skirts and I don’t like wearing shorts too often. So this is absolutely perfect. This is on sale at the moment so it’s $19.50 instead of $28.00.


The other skirt is the New Look Military Mini Skirt which is absolutely adorable! I love the buttons and the style. I think it’s a bit more dressy and stylish than the skater skirt so for going out or parties, things like that, I think this would be really good. This is $40.00.


I thought I should add something else in here so I thought some socks would be perfect. And of course when I saw CHRISTMAS themed socks I almost fell off my chair. First is these ASOS Christmas Tree Sock With Glitter And 3D WeltOH MY GOD. How cute are these? I love them so much. The little christmas tree and the bow and the baubles, just AH. It’s so freaking cute and I want it so bad. These are $7.00.


And the last item on my ASOS wishlist are these other socks. They are the ASOS Christmas Cracker 3 Pack Ankle SocksI love the little penguins and the snowmen. It’s so cute. I sent a picture of these and the christmas tree ones above to Kay with a caption saying ‘If you want to get me anything for christmas then get me these’ just as a joke then Kay was like ‘send me the link’ so I think I might be getting some socks for christmas! These are on sale at the price of $14.00, reduced from $20.00.


And there you go, that’s my wishlist! There was meant to be an action/adventure story today but I didn’t have much time to write a story so at the last minute I changed my mind and did this post instead. Hope you enjoyed!


Love always

Jags xxx