Everyone Is Beautiful

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about body image.

First off, who defined the word ‘pretty’?

Because there are so many different versions of the word that have changed throughout time. At the current time ‘pretty’ means big lips, big boobs, small waist, flat stomach and a big butt.

But who says that being more curvy isn’t pretty?

Or that being slim isn’t pretty?

Because all of these body types are in fact, pretty. They are beautiful.

Everyone is different and not everyone has what’s considered the ‘perfect body’ and that’s okay because I don’t have a perfect body, you probably don’t have a perfect body and everyone else doesn’t have a perfect body so how can there be such a thing called a ‘perfect body’ when in reality it doesn’t exist?

Like I said before, beauty and the perfect body types have changed throughout history. For example in ancient Greece it was considered that if you were more curvy and perhaps a bit larger than average then that was considered beautiful. And then if you go back to another time, being very slim and non-curvy was considered beautiful.

So who is to say that you are not beautiful?

As of the trend of ‘beautiful’ right now I am hardly picture perfect.

I think that I have a, let’s say, curvier body than most and I do have very small features. Like I have tiny feet, tiny hands and tiny ears and you probably have something about yourself that is odd or you don’t like as well (although I don’t mind being so small)  but you shouldn’t feel insecure because everyone has something that they hate about themselves. Even supermodels. Because that’s normal.

If someone said to me that they thought their body was perfect then I wouldn’t believe them because I don’t think anyone truly believes that.

But the truth is; everyone is beautiful. Everyone is pretty in their own way. Everyone is different and everyone has insecurities.

But the important thing is that we accept each other for our differences and flaws and just be kind and supporting towards everyone.

Because YOU are beautiful. I am beautiful (that sounded self-centered), EVERYONE is beautiful.

I’m not beautiful like you.

I’m beautiful like me.

Love always

Jags xxx


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